Prepping Your Plumbing for Hurricane Season 

hurricane season - Prepping Your Plumbing for Hurricane Season 

April showers may bring May flowers, but what does June bring?  Hurricane season!  June 1- November 30 is hurricane season in Florida.  This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an above-normal hurricane season with the possibility of as many as 25 named storms.  It is important to be prepared for such emergencies.  Prepping your plumbing for hurricane season can help avoid plumbing issues during a stressful time.

Plumbing prep can save you a lot of problems during hurricane season.   Addressing slow drains, fixing toilets, ordering a plumbing inspection, and having your septic tank serviced are great ways to get your home’s plumbing ready for hurricane season.

We take for granted that our toilet will flush and our water faucets will turn on with our choice of hot or cold water, but plumbing issues can occur at the most untimely moments.  Don’t be caught off guard this hurricane season.  Follow these tips from Sun Plumbing to prep your plumbing for hurricane season.

Tip #1  Deal with Your Drains

If any of your drains have been running slowly or are clogged, now is the time to deal with them!  During a hurricane, you may lose electricity, you may lose your water supply or receive a boil water order, and you will definitely lose the ability to have a plumber rush over to help you!  Your toilet isn’t worth risking their safety!  Deal with drain issues now.  

If a drain is running slowly, it may be a simple clog like too much hair down the bathtub drain.  You can often fix such slowdowns yourself.  By using a simple tool to pull hair out of the drain, you can have your drain flowing smoothly again in no time.  It’s not a fun project, but it’s worth it.  If that doesn’t do the trick, the clog may be further down the pipe and require a professional plumber from Sun Plumbing to use an auger (aka a snake) to clear the clog

Tip #2 Toilets Should Be Running Smoothly

If you have a toilet that is running slowly when flushing or doesn’t always flush completely, you may need to replace some basic parts in the toilet tank.  If you are not a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kind of person, don’t fret.  This is a quick, simple repair for a professional plumber.  Hopefully, you don’t lose water service during a hurricane and can continue to use your toilet without an issue.

Tip #3 Order a Plumbing Inspection

If you suspect you may have a cracked or broken pipe, please call for a plumbing inspection right away.  During a hurricane, that issue may only get worse.  You don’t want to deal with broken pipes during a hurricane, and they are not something you can ignore!  You could lose water pressure or water service altogether.  If it is a sewer pipe, you could have major sewage issues, such as sewage spilling into your yard or backing up into your home.  Fix all pipe issues immediately!

Tip #4 Get Your Septic Tank Serviced

Don’t go into hurricane season with a full septic tank.  Any breakages occurring from flooding can mean a yard full of raw sewage.  Septic systems can also get backed up during a storm.  Start hurricane season with an empty septic tank!

Tip #5 Fill Your Bathtubs with Water

We recommend filling your bathtubs with water when a hurricane is imminent.  Why?  That water can be used for a variety of purposes.  If you lose water service during a hurricane, you can use the water you have saved in the bathtub to fill your toilet tank so it can still flush.  That’s a big deal when you are stuck in the house for days.  You can also use this water to fill your pet’s water bowl.  Most importantly, the water can be boiled for you to use for drinking or cooking.  It’s great to have a lot of bottled water on hand for drinking or cooking too, but you don’t want to use it to fill your water tank.  That would take a lot of water bottles!  In a severe emergency, remember that your water heater is a tank full of water!  It can be used if needed.

What If You Have to Evacuate?

If you receive an evacuation order, it can feel scary and rushed.  Be prepared ahead of time.  Know where you are headed and fill your cars with gas before the storm.  Have all important documents and anything sentimental you don’t want to lose, packed and loaded in the car, so all you have to do is leave.  Bring water, food, and pet food if you have a pet with you, in case you are stuck in evacuation traffic.  None of that has to do with your plumbing, but we wanted to mention it as it is important, and the first hurricane of the season may be your first hurricane ever if you are new to Florida!  Now, what about your plumbing?

If you are evacuating, the primary thing to remember is to shut off your main water valve.   Water supplies can be contaminated when flooding occurs. Shutting off your main water valve can help protect your home’s water supply.  Additionally, if flooding causes any pipe cracks or breaks, your home will be protected.  Shutting off the main water valve means no water flowing through your pipes.  Broken pipes cannot flood your yard or home if the main valve is closed.


Prepping your plumbing for hurricane season isn’t hard, but it is important.  Deal with your drains, fix any toilet issues, order a plumbing inspection, and get your septic tank serviced.  In the event of a hurricane, fill your bathtubs with water, and turn off your main water valve if you evacuate.  Call Sun Plumbing for your plumbing inspection and any plumbing repairs you need! In business for fifty years in Melbourne, FL, Sun Plumbing is your local plumbing company that is “as dependable as the sun.”

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