Fall Plumbing Tips


Fall is right around the corner which means you will soon be enjoying pumpkin spice everything and watching Sunday night football. Preparing your home for the change of seasons is just as important as cleaning your house. If you wait too long to clean your house it can take a tremendous amount of time and effort to get your home looking presentable again. The same concept applies to plumbing. If you don’t check your sewer system, hose bib, water heater and inspect your pipes, then the maintenance could skyrocket depending on the last time your plumbing received some care.

Here are some helpful tips for fall plumbing:


Drain out all of the water in your hoses and then store inside away from the sun. Make sure they are disconnected from the main line. Find your hose bib, also known as the outside faucet. If the temperatures start getting colder the water hose needs to be properly taken care of to prevent any damage from occurring to your hose.

Sewer system

Checking your pipes regularly is the best prevention to help eliminate any problems from happening. Check your pipes for any clogging because if your pipes are clogged this creates added pressure to other areas of your pipes which could then cause slow leaking or even flooding. Make sure you have drain covers and avoid putting anything down the disposal that could shorten its lifespan.

To reduce pressure on your pipes you can check the amount of pressure on your pipes with a bib gauge. You can find a bib gauge at your local hardware store for a reasonable price. If your water pressure is too high give your local Melbourne, FL plumber a call at Sun Plumbing and we can install a pressure reducer to help create a longer lifespan for your pipes.

Water heater

You can check your water heater annually by flushing the tank and checking the anode rod. September is a great time to flush sediment from the tank to improve the life of your water heater. This will ensure that your water heater is working efficiently throughout the rest of the year.

At Sun Plumbing we can to help you with all of your plumbing maintenance needs as the seasons change from summer to fall. We hope everyone stayed safe during Hurricane Irma. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment if your home is in need of some maintenance or if something isn’t working properly.

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