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Jobs at Sun Plumbing

There are currently two jobs at Sun Plumbing. If you have at least one year of plumbing experience, then Sun Plumbing needs you!  Sun Plumbing is currently hiring both a Plumber’s Apprentice and a Service Plumber.  If you are looking to learn and grow in the plumbing field, then apply for a job with us today!

What are the Job Requirements?

Below are the requirements for both positions:

  • Both positions require the ability to handle a physical workload.
  • Our plumbers need to have a good driving record and be focused on safety. You will be driving a Sun Plumbing vehicle, so we expect you to represent us with courtesy and professionalism.
  • We are looking for hard-working individuals willing to put in a full day of getting dirty to get the job done properly.
  • You must have strong customer service skills when dealing with clients, treating them and their homes with politeness and respect.

Plumber’s Apprentice

The Plumber’s Apprentice position is an entry-level plumbing position requiring a minimum of one year of experience.

Service Plumber

The Service Plumber position is available to a plumber with a minimum of five years of experience.

What can I Expect as a Sun Plumber Employee?

At Sun Plumbing, you can expect to be treated fairly. We offer competitive pay based on experience. We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage. We also offer life insurance and a 401K plan to help you plan for your future.  And, unlike many companies, we offer paid holidays and vacations. Not many companies can match what we offer our employees!

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Plumbing?

For a long time, our society has pushed a college education as the best way to make a living. However, there is a swing back to the other end of the spectrum.  The United States is experiencing a shortage of skilled laborers, and college is not for everybody. Many people with college degrees choose to apply what they learned in college toward a career in a skilled labor field. It is important to understand the need and importance of our skilled labor force in this country. Unless everyone learns how to be an electrician, a plumber, and an A/C specialist, then these are all fields that must survive.

There is a shortage of qualified plumbers in the industry.  You can help!

Apply Today at Sun Plumbing

Sun Plumbing is a reputable company that has been in business in Brevard County since 1974.  We pride ourselves on being “as dependable as the sun.”  If you want to work in the plumbing industry, then look no further than Sun Plumbing.  Apply today and begin a career that will never run out of business!

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