Plumbing Holiday Tips

Plumbing Holiday Tips
Plumbing Holiday Tips

The holiday season isn’t just about decorating your home, baking cookies, wrapping presents for your friends and family, and finding time to make your favorite eggnog as the chestnuts roast on an open fire. Finding the time to make sure your home is being taken care of over the holiday season might save your toilet from overflowing. Having family stay for a week or so can change the dynamic in the house with a plumbing disaster. Don’t avoid having an awkward conversation with your in-laws about jiggling the handle in the bathroom to get the toilet to flush properly because this could save a plumbing mishap from occurring.

Holiday plumbing problems can happen if you neglect your plumbing altogether. Here are some tips to keep your plumbing working smoothly over the holidays:


Make sure you are checking up on your plumbing especially if your home is filled with family and friends using your kitchen and bathrooms. If you are having guests visit, find some time before they arrive to tend to any slow draining showers or sinks, and add a drain plug to help collect anything that could back up your plumbing. Don’t forget to fix that pesky dripping faucet.

Hot water heater

You don’t want to worry about Aunt Sue taking a cold shower while she’s visiting. If the water in your house is colder than normal then you may need to replace and restore your hot water supply. Before company arrives you can test the hot water heater to make sure if it’s working correctly and see if any replacements need to be made. Start by checking the circuit breaker and see if any fuses have blown. If nothing is wrong in the circuit breaker then turn off the electrical panel and look to see if there is anything out of sorts with the temperature limit switch, thermostat or heating elements.

Over the holidays make sure everything in your house is in working order. Check your kitchen, main shut-off valve, bathrooms, water heater, and your laundry room. If at any point you feel overwhelmed by the task at hand or you don’t have enough time to spare, please give Sun Plumbing a call and one of our professionals will fix the issue. If you’re in Viera, Melbourne, or Palm Bay, Florida, are here to assist you with any plumbing nightmares. Enjoy your holidays and make wonderful memories with your friends and family.

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