The Pros and Cons of a Jetted Bathtub

Pros and Cons of Jetted Bathtub
Pros and Cons of Jetted Bathtub

Coming home to a luxurious soak in your jetted bathtub can take the stress away from your day. Jetted bathtubs help alleviate chronic pain in your joints. The warm jets soothe sore and tired muscles after an intense workout. Many hotels and spas carry water jets to add another layer of relaxation to their customer’s experience.

Here are some pros and cons to see if a jetted bathtub is the right fit for you:


The jets help ease tension in tight muscles and help you to relax. Don’t worry about booking an appointment at your spa when you have your own spa at home. Throw some therapeutic Epsom salt and essential oils in the warm water to increase your relaxation. Bath salts help relieve aches and pains in your entire body. You can even make an evening out of it by applying a face mask (ladies, we’re talking to you) as you wait for the water to fill up in the bathtub. When you get out of your bath you can paint your nails and pamper yourself with a nice glass of wine. Or, if beer and football are more your style, go for it. Anyone can benefit from a nice bath and some R&R.

Hydrotherapy uses water to restore health. Water therapy has been used by Native Americans, Romans, Greeks and Japanese cultures to name a few. Hydrotherapy has been used to revitalize health and is used in naturopathic medicine. Hot water is known to dilate the blood vessels and increase the blood flow throughout the body. Floating in the warm water with the massaging jets stimulate the skin’s receptors.


A jetted bathtub can be difficult to install in a bathroom. It is large, bulky, and can be fragile if it is not properly handled. Before you consider getting a jetted bathtub installed in your home take some steps to assess your bathroom and see if there is enough sufficient space available. Check to see if your drainage is running properly. If you don’t know how to see if it’s functioning properly then give your handy plumber in Palm Bay a call to see if your floor is strong enough to hold the weight of the tub.

The noise of the jetted motors when the bathtub is filled can be bothersome to a few individuals. If you’re unsure about making a decision based on the noise possibly irritating you then ask around and see if you know someone who has a jetted bathtub before committing.

When it comes time to install your jetted bathtub, call the Brevard County plumbing experts at Sun Plumbing. A jetted bathtub will bring more relaxation and hydrotherapy into your life, and we’d be happy to help make this happen smoothly.

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