Sandy Toes Affecting Your Clogged Pipes

Sandy Toes Affecting Your Clogged Pipes

Nothing can beat Florida beach living. Here on the east coast of Florida, we are blessed to live in our version of paradise, if we do say so ourselves! And, for those of you who live close to the beach, you know you live your life with sand stuck to the bottom of your shoes, a nice dusting of it on the floor of your car, and it randomly appears in places like your bathroom sink, especially if you have kids! Unfortunately, the sand can cause clogged pipes. 

Sand in the Clogged Pipes

Sandy toes must be washed. Most beach routines consist of a shower afterward to rinse off all the sand and seawater. If you have ever left a pair of unwashed board shorts in the laundry room overnight, you know rinsing off the seawater is essential. Stinky!

As you or your loved ones climb into the shower and take off your swimwear, you may notice a lovely pile of sand on the shower or tub floor, maybe even enough to build another sandcastle! Have you ever wondered what happens to all that sand as it swirls down your shower or tub drain?

Sand isn’t harmful to the pipe, but too much sand building up inside the pipes can cause a blockage. If this happens, you can call us at Sun Plumbing. We can clear the blockage and get your water running smoothly through your pipes once again.

How to Prevent Sand Clogs 

Spending time at the beach is relaxing and good for the soul. But, the amount of sand we often carry home is crazy! It’s not hard to see how our pipes can become clogged with too much sand. Here are a few tips to help prevent clogged pipes due to sand.

  1. Rinse off before getting in the shower. We know that sounds weird. We’re telling you to take a pre-shower! A quick rinse off with a hose or in an outdoor shower will save your plumbing. Some people even keep soap and shampoo in their outdoor shower, so their pre-shower is their only shower!
  2. In case you didn’t know, using baby powder after a trip to the beach helps get sticky sand off your body! Keep a travel-size baby powder in your car or beach bag. In the parking lot, throw some baby powder on yourself anywhere the sand sticks to you. It will help it come off, so you can leave it at the beach where it belongs. And, you’ll smell nice on the ride home!
  3. Make sure you have a good drain cover. A wide-open drain will let all that sand down into your pipes faster than you can imagine. A good drain cover will help slow the flow and possibly give you a chance to wipe some of that sand out of the tub or shower with a rag.

Give Sun Plumbing a Call 

If you just learned the hard way that sand can clog your pipes, give us a call at Sun Plumbing! We have been serving the Melbourne area since 1974. We are available for all your plumbing needs, from a clogged toilet to a whole house re-plumbing project! With integrity and reliability, we have built a stellar reputation. We look forward to serving you!

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