Signs of Trouble


A kitchen sink half filled with water that won’t drain, a tub that seems to take an eternity to empty, a toilet that is gurgling and slow to refill or completely clogged, or pipes that seem to groan and clunk are all not so subtle signs a plumbing disaster could be right around the corner. At Sun Plumbing, we quickly and effectively help you in a full blown crisis situation, but we would rather help you to be proactive and prevent a disaster. Be sure your plumbing is up to par BEFORE the holidays are in full swing so you avoid a buildup which could render your plumbing system inoperable. Worst case scenario, raw sewage could back up into the sinks, tubs, and toilets in your home. If you are starting to notice subtle signs of problems, please contact your “Dependable as the Sun” plumbing technicians at Sun Plumbing. If you are in Viera, Melbourne, or Palm Bay Florida we will perform routine maintenance on your sewer line and keep you in the clear for the upcoming festive months.

Here are some warning signs to heed to avoid plumbing disasters:

  • Any sputtering, hammering, clunking, or gurgling is cause for alarm. Often this is just disregarded as “air in the pipes,” but it could easily be something more problematic. It could be indicative of a crack in a water pipe and should be checked out by one of our plumbing technicians.
  • A little drip is not necessarily harmless. Be sure to monitor any leaks around your pipes, toilets, faucets, fixtures and water heater. If the drip becomes steady or forms a puddle, schedule a plumbing maintenance appointment before things get out of hand and result in more damage and costly repairs.
  • If your toilets, showers, tubs and pipes seem slow to drain and you cannot unclog it on your own or if you find yourself using a plunger regularly, a pipe could be obstructed.
  • There can also be a clog at the main sewer line. An analogy by Tammy Sims in an article for Angie’s List regarding main sewer line clogs creates a good visual with a tree comparison to help you understand plumbing interconnectedness in your home: “Your house is basically set up like a tree… You have one main trunk line that runs out of the house and then you have all these small branches off of that. If the clog is in the main line, that means any water your run in the house will cause problems. If it is a secondary line, it’s just going to be isolated to the secondary problem.”

Be sure to pay attention to any and all red flags so you can avoid a full-fledged plumbing crisis during the holiday months and after. And remember, preventative measures can always be undermined by grease buildup, debris, and even tree roots. Pay attention to any signs your pipes or drains are clogged, and contact us at 321-725-2460 or on our website if you’d like to schedule a septic or plumbing maintenance service.

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