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Sun Plumbing has been serving Brevard County since 1974, and we have seen A LOT in our line of work over the years! We specialize in plumbing maintenance and repair in Melbourne, Palm Bay, and along the Space Coast of Florida. Anyone familiar with plumbing knows that in this line of work, you can expect to come across things that aren’t so pleasant. We won’t deny it. That’s what you call the professionals for! But, no matter how many situations we encounter, we can’t top some things other plumbers around the world have stumbled upon. This week, we thought it might be fun to share the highlights of an article in Reader’s Digest about some unusual things found in pipes!

Trapped Kitten

Employees at an auto shop kept hearing meows, but they weren’t sure where the sounds were coming from. After a while, the auto mechanics started to search the building and its surroundings to find the source of the sounds. Guess what they found? A kitten stuck in an underground open pipe outside their shop! After trying for hours to rescue the kitten, they saw a Roto-Rooter plumbing truck driving past and flagged the driver down. He was able to gently suck the kitten to the surface using the lowest power level on his professional vacuum. The rescued kitten was adopted by one of the auto shop workers. What a great, albeit strange, story!

Expandable Toy Dinosaur

Kids love to do all sorts of destructive, mischievous things, including flushing their toys down the toilet. Plumbers in the Washington D.C. areas found this out first hand when they were called about a toilet that wasn’t working properly. They fished out a toy dinosaur that expanded in size when immersed in water. We bet somebody got sent to “time out” when the parents found out!

Curious Iguana

A plumber was called to a home because one of the toilets would not flush. While cleaning the pipes, the plumber fished out – get this – a LIVE IGUANA! Apparently, the iguana had entered the bathroom from a rooftop vent and somehow made its way into the toilet. Makes you think twice about sitting on the commode, doesn’t it?

Diamond Ring

During a two-day restroom renovation project, plumbers noticed something shiny. It turned out to be a custom-made diamond ring that belonged to the daughter of the homeowners. She had lost it over a decade ago when she placed it on the bathroom counter, not noticing it slipped into the sink! What a cool discovery.

We hope our readers found these weird plumbing discoveries interesting like we did. Sun Plumbing is happy to take care of any and all of your Brevard County plumbing needs, from bathroom construction to pipe clogs and everything in between. If you live on the Space Coast or the surrounding areas be sure to give us a call whenever you need us.

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