What Can Sun Plumbing Install for You?


A dishwasher, an ice maker line, a water line – what do you need installed?  You may not have thought about it before, but there are quite a number of things in your home that require installation.  Even the handiest of people need help from a professional sometimes.  Nobody can be good at everything!  Let’s look at a handful of common installations that you might need in your home.   Reaching out to a professional will make the installation faster and will ensure it is done properly the first time.

Sun Plumbing has been in business in Melbourne, FL, for over 45 years.  Some things that can require installation in your home are dishwashers, ice maker lines, water lines, reverse osmosis systems, and water heater expansion tanks.  Sun Plumbing can install all of these for you!

Maybe you have been reluctant to call a plumber in the past and have tried to do plumbing repairs or installations yourself.  Maybe you have even had some success at it.  We know the economy has been rough and paying someone to fix something can be difficult.  Sun Plumbing has highly trained plumbers who will do your plumbing job efficiently, professionally, and correctly at a fair price.  Sometimes you just need a professional, particularly for installations.

Dishwasher Installation

It finally happened.  Your dishwasher died.  It may have started leaking everywhere.  Perhaps your dishes just aren’t getting clean anymore, and you have to run your dishwasher twice – definitely not economically or ecologically friendly.  It’s time to have a new dishwasher installed.  You found a great deal, loaded your new dishwasher in the back of the truck, got it home, then realized you’ve never installed a dishwasher before.  You may be able to do this yourself, but do you want to?  Do you have the extra time to spend on this project?  Are you physically able to lay on the floor connecting water lines, etc?  If not, then please give us a call!

Ice Maker Line Installation

You couldn’t resist the temptation any longer.  You just had to have that delicious Sonic ice for yourself at home, available night or day without a drive to Sonic.  Good for you!  There are two things to know: 1) you can call us to install the necessary water line for your new ice-making wonder, and 2) expect all your neighbors to need to “borrow” ice from you!

Water Line Installation

Water lines are used for a variety of items in your home.  The dishwasher, an ice maker, a refrigerator with a built-in ice maker, the washing machine, and of course your sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets!  That’s a lot of water lines coming into your home.  You may also choose to add a water line.  Perhaps you have added an outdoor kitchen area or a laundry room sink.  Sun Plumbing is the call to make for all water line installations.  Because of the damage a leak can cause, you want to make sure this job is done right.

Reverse Osmosis System Installation

A reverse osmosis system is a water purification system that removes contaminates from unfiltered water.  If you have had your water tested and didn’t like the results, then a reverse osmosis system may be a good solution for you.  You may not like the way your skin or hair feels after you shower.  This could be another reason to choose a reverse osmosis system.  Because the system must be fully installed to the mainline of your home, it can be a complex process that requires advanced plumbing knowledge.  This is especially true of a whole-house system.  Please give us a call for this installation.

Water Heater Expansion Tank Installation

Water heater expansion tanks absorb excess pressure, protecting your water heater from damage and failure.  Expansion tanks are required in Florida, so you most likely have one.  However, if yours has died, but your water heater is still working fine, then give us a call to install your new expansion tank.


While many minor plumbing repairs can be done yourself, there are plenty of plumbing jobs, including installations that require proper training.  At Sun Plumbing, we have experienced plumbers who will do the job right while maintaining their professionalism and excellent customer service skills.  When you need a dishwasher, ice maker, line, water line, reverse osmosis system, or water heater expansion tank installed or any other plumbing repairs done, please give us a call at Sun Plumbing where we are “as dependable as the sun.”

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