Why Is My Drain Clogged?


We’ve all been there – enjoying a nice hot shower after a long day, only to discover that the drain isn’t working properly and you’re standing in an inch of dirty water…yuck! This is never a pleasant discovery, but generally, superficial drain problems can be fixed without calling a professional. However, if multiple drains seem to clog up simultaneously or if they seem to be in constant need of unclogging, you could have a more serious problem. Homes have different plumbing structures, and many factors can affect your plumbing. The age of the home, the way the pipes were installed, and even the terrain around the plumbing system all play a part in how your system works (or doesn’t). This week we thought it would be helpful to go over some of the reasons you might experience clogged drains and what you can do to remedy the situation.

Superficial Clogs

Oftentimes, your kitchen’s or bathroom’s sink and your shower’s drain can get clogged from hair, skin flakes, soap, dirt and the like. Think about it, you use your bath or shower on a daily basis to wash off  – it’s inevitable that what you wash off your body will eventually accumulate in the drain and will need to be removed to prevent or fix a blockage. The same goes for the sink; you wash your hands throughout the day, so whatever sloughs off your hands will build up in the drain. If you have multiple people using the same restroom, multiply the amount of gunk going down the drains. Kitchen sinks can also get clogged from food remnants, oil, etc.

The good news? These types of scenarios are usually just superficial clogs, which are pretty easy to resolve on your own. Simply remove the drain cover and, using a drain plunger, a wire hanger, or a plumbing snake, remove whatever is causing the blockage. You can also try pouring hot water or enzymes down the drain to break down the clog, just make sure to follow the directions carefully.

Main Line Clogs

These types of clogs are more serious and generally require a professional plumber. If you notice multiple drains getting backed up, hear gurgling sounds from your fixtures, or if a foul smell is emanating from a drain, don’t ignore these signs. They could indicate a blockage in your main sewer line, which is where the pipes from multiple fixtures converge. This is a more serious issue than a superficial clog, and you should call a plumber right away if you suspect your main sewer line is clogged. Waiting can exacerbate the problem, leading to more costly repairs.

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