Never Mix These Household Cleaners


In previous blogs, we’ve gone over ways to make your own homemade, natural cleaning products and other concoctions to remedy plumbing issues around your home. These DIY cleaners are great because they’re more natural than many store-bought sprays, and you can save money by using items you already have around the house. However, mixing the wrong household chemicals together can be dangerous and even deadly. You can’t put a price on your safety and the safety of your family so please avoid mixing these common household items, and inform your children and loved to do the same.

Bleach and Pretty Much Anything

It’s safe to say, as a rule of thumb, just don’t mix bleach with anything except water. Water dilutes bleach, so if you choose to use bleach to clean with, a half cup of bleach mixed with one gallon of water is a safe bet (wear gloves to protect your skin, though).

Bleach is dangerous on its own, and when mixed with other household cleaners it can produce toxic gasses. One of the most dangerous things to mix with bleach is ammonia. Now, it may seem like combining these two cleaners might give them an extra bit of cleaning “oomph,” but it’s extremely toxic to mix these. They create chloramine vapor, which in of itself is dangerous. But, if they’re mixed in large enough quantities the solution can create poisonous hydrazine. This colorless gas is explosive and extremely toxic to the point where it can be deadly. NEVER mix bleach and ammonia! If you have young children, keep these items in a locked cabinet to prevent them from getting into these harmful products.

Rubbing alcohol is another thing to avoid mixing with bleach, as it can produce chloroform and other toxic compounds that potentially can cause unconsciousness or chemical burns. Vinegar and other acidic liquids like lemon juice also react badly with bleach and create chlorine gas. This will irritate your eyes, nose, and throat if you breathe it in and can also cause chemical burns. In severe cases, the fumes can be fatal.

Vinegar and Peroxide

Vinegar is a weak acetic acid, and when combined with hydrogen peroxide it creates peracetic acid. While this isn’t deadly like some bleach-based solutions, it is corrosive which can damage your clothing and furniture, irritate your mucus membranes and skin, and cause chemical burns. So, pick one or the other to clean with! We recommend distilled white vinegar mixed with water for a natural cleaner.

Two Different Drain Cleaners

Commercial-brand drain cleaners are powerful solutions on their own, so do not mix one drain cleaner with another kind in an attempt to amplify the effects. Doing so can create volatile reactions including explosive fumes. If drain cleaner doesn’t fix your clogged drain and you cannot get the clog out manually, err on the side of safety and call a local plumber near you.

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