How to Make Your Own Natural Bathroom Cleaner


If you’re like most, cleaning the bathroom probably isn’t on your list of top 10 favorite activities. It can be tedious and unpleasant, but it’s just one of those things in life that has to be done, and often! In fact, generally speaking, the only household task that takes more of your time than cleaning the bathroom is cleaning the kitchen. Since we use these areas of our homes every day, it stands to reason that they require more attention than, say, the guest bedroom.

Not only does cleaning take time, but it also takes money too. Think about it – how many bottles of cleaning spray, toilet bowl solution, scrubbers, and paper towels do you think you go through in a year? Well, according to, in 2017 a family of four in the US spent an average of $710 per year on laundry and cleaning supplies. That adds up quickly! In addition, as if the cost and the time you spend cleaning aren’t enough, many cleaners are chocked full of harsh chemicals, which can irritate your skin and be detrimental to your health if you breathe in enough. You might be wondering where we’re going with this…what’s the point of this little tirade if there’s nothing that can be done about it? Well, because there ARE things you can do to make aspects of cleaning better! We can’t help with the time it takes, unfortunately, but there are ways to save money on cleaning products and avoid the harsh chemicals in store-bought bathroom cleaners. The solution? Homemade solution (see what we did there?)! Making your own, natural cleaning solutions can be a game-changer when it comes to cleaning. We’ve compiled a couple simple recipes for bathroom cleaners that are inexpensive and less harsh than your average cleaning spray, but still effective. Check these out!

Vinegar & Water

Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar together, pour the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray the countertops, cabinets, and tile. Another tip- use a microfiber hand towel instead of paper towels. You can simply toss it in the washer when you’re done instead of going through a ton of paper towels!

Baking Soda & Water

You can make a paste out of these two ingredients, and it works great for removing any shower scum or built-up residue in your sink, shower, and tub. Use a good scrubber and some elbow grease, and you’ll be surprised how effective of a cleaning solution this is!

Natural Toilet Cleaner

Sprinkle baking soda inside the toilet bowl generously (get the rim, too) and pour about a cup of undiluted white vinegar into the toilet bowl water. You’ll notice a fizzling, which is the chemical reaction from the vinegar and baking soda being combined. Scrub using a toilet bowl cleaner, and finish by wiping down the toilet with hydrogen peroxide.

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