New Construction

Serving Brevard County Since 1974

Sun Plumbing is locally owned plumbing company based in Melbourne, FL. We provide residential and commercial plumbing services in Brevard County.

We Provide Plumbing and Installation Services for All Your New Construction Needs.

  • Custom Residential
  • Commercial
  • Light Industrial

Though based in Melbourne FL, we frequently handle specialty projects out of Brevard County, and even out of the Country. We are licensed, insured and have full performance bonding capability for commercial projects.


Committed to Excellence

We are very schedule conscience and always work with you to meet or exceed your expectations. We routinely handle all aspects of any plumbing or piping project, from project design and layout through completion.

We Offer Our Expertise and Have Certified Specialists For

  • Fixture and Faucet Material Selections to suit any home or project design needs
  • High End Faucets and Fixtures
  • Tub and Shower Experience and High Volume Shower Design Expertise
  • Steam Shower Systems and Design
  • Commercial Faucet and Fixture material selection and LEEDS Certified Products
  • Sanitary Waste and Vent Systems and Design
  • Potable Water Systems and Design
  • Solar and Hot Water Recirculation Systems and Design
  • Natural and Propane Gas Piping Systems and Design
  • Inert and Specialty Gas Piping Systems and Design
  • Compressed Air Piping Systems and Design
  • Grease and Oil Interceptor Systems, Tanks and Design
  • Car Wash Piping, Interceptor Systems and Design
  • Acid Waste Piping Systems and Design
  • Acid Neutralization Tanks and Systems
  • Double Wall Containment Piping Systems and Design
  • Double Wall Containment Leak Detection Systems and Design
  • Pumps-well, recirculation, acid, submersible, high pressure, specialty

Request New Construction Estimate

Please fill out, print and bring this form along with your blueprints to Sun Plumbing’s office located at 820 E. Seminole Ave. Melbourne FL, 32901.

Completed forms and blueprints are required for all new construction job bid requests.