The Importance of Septic Tank Pumping




NOTE: Sun Plumbing no long provides septic services. This blog post is informational only.

Pumping out a septic tank is often a concept that is forgotten or overlooked by owners. Most individuals will go in with the idea of ‘if it’s good, don’t fix it’, which is not the case with septic tanks.

Erring on the side of precaution is pertinent in these matters and pumping out one’s septic tank is crucial for its longevity. As with most system, materials will start to accumulate at the bottom and on the top of the water and create layers of excess matter in the form of ‘sludge’ and scum.

It can be an ungainly sight and ruin the condition of one’s septic tank, and more importantly your drainfield. Your Melbourne, Florida septic tank pumping is more important than you think.

Recommended Maintenance

Most tanks have space available for accumulated sludge before they stop functioning as desired. These time limits are usually designed to be within the 3-5 years range. There is no ‘perfect’ answer to when one should be looking to pump their septic tank. However, it is recommended to establish a schedule where the septic tank is being pumped well before the assigned limit.

Waiting too long could leave the septic tank in an unsalvageable condition leading to permanent damage to your drainfield, a very costly repair. It is best to be on top of one’s game and ensure the tank is being pumped out on a scheduled basis.

There are certain conditions associated to whether one should be getting the septic tank pumped out yearly or not. If one has garbage disposal systems attached to the house, it is pertinent to have the septic tank pumped out every year.

The clogging can be more severe and drastic in such houses. For houses without the garbage disposal system, sticking to the three year recommendation is enough. However, it is important to remember the reality of septic tanks and how having a regular scheduled cleaning is better than one every three years.

Prior History

Looking at the history of the tank and how sludge has accumulated is usually recommended. Prior history is the best indicator of how often one should be looking to clean out the sludge that has clogged up the tank. Most of the time, it is easy to judge whether one has gone over or under in terms of pumping out the tank.

If one goes under, the result is usually fine and one can just wait a little bit longer before the next one. However, if one goes over the assigned time limit, the sludge could cause damage to the system and cause the septic tank and/or drainfield to need replacing. It is important to remain as close to the assigned date of 1-3 years, if one wants to ensure the septic tank remains in good condition.

Household Habits

The way each household handles its waste can be a big determining factor for the scheduled pumping. If the household is more ‘wasteful’ with excess leftovers, it is usually best to have the septic tank pumped out on a more regular basis. Non-decomposable materials can lead to clogging up of the systems and that has to be taken into account.

This factor is the number one cause for most blockages that occur. It is best to remain on top of this in order to save the tank from needed a complete change that will be more costly than having it pumped out in time.

NOTE: Sun Plumbing no long provides septic services. This blog post is informational only.

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