When DIY Becomes OMG – Part 2

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In a previous blog post, Sun Plumbing addressed the trending concept and popularity of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and how, at times, they can save time and money and provide a sense of accomplishment for the novice. Whether the homeowner is tackling a living room update/remodel, constructing an upcycled pallet project or attempting a simple plumbing fix after watching a handful of YouTube tutorials, there can be benefits to repairing or creating without the assistance of a professional. On the flip side, sometimes a DIY’er can get in over their head or cause more harm than good. This can be especially catastrophic if a DIY plumbing repair goes awry and causes major damage to your pipes or fixtures. If in doubt, please call the professionals!

That being said, there are perks to taking on a project or repair on your own. Oftentimes, DIY projects are effective, money-saving, and simple. Tackling a task on your own can provide the following benefits:

Benefits of DIY Projects

  1. You will gain a sense of pride and accomplishment from completing a hand-crafted project or repair. You will have invested not only time and money, but “blood, sweat, and tears” giving you a renewed sense of fulfillment.
  2. When you learn, implement, and achieve new skill sets, you can then utilize these skills to help others in need with projects or volunteer your new talents within the community! You could help a neighbor with a repair or volunteer with an agency such as Habitat of Humanity.
  3. By successfully completing a DIY home improvement project or repair, you can increase your home equity.
  4. DIY projects and repairs are excellent conversation pieces.
  5. Tackling a task or fix on your own will help you learn how to use a variety of tools, broaden your DIY repertoire, and keep your brain sharp!
  6. The more DIY projects you take on, the more you learn about how your house works and how to effectively maintain it. For example, the more plumbing skills you teach yourself, the less freaked out you will be when a pipe starts leaking or an issue arises.
  7. A huge draw/benefit of DIY is saving money.


Of course, we at Sun Plumbing encourage you to add to your skill set and broaden your horizons, but we also caution you to do your research and call for professional help when needed. For example, you may think you are saving money and addressing an emergency situation when you try to unclog a drain yourself, but you could do more harm than good. If you use a chemical drain cleaner on a minor clog, the cleaner could actually cause significant damage to fixtures and pipes over time leading to costly repairs or long-term problems.

If your DIY fix goes awry, or if you don’t think you should attempt a DIY repair in the first place, call your local plumbers in Melbourne, FL. At Sun Plumbing we have trained professionals who specialize in everything from plumbing repairs to bathroom remodels. If you need a reliable plumber in Brevard County, whether you are in Melbourne, Palm Bay, or Viera Florida, call us at 321-725-2460!

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