When DIY become OMG!

Bursting Pipe

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) seems to be the trend lately from home renovations to troubleshooting basic plumbing issues. It seems Google and YouTube have empowered people to feel they are experts after having read a few articles or having watched a handful of video tutorials. While knowledge is power, sometimes it is best to leave corrections and repairs to trained technicians and professionals. This applies to plumbing issues too! Often a well-intentioned action can cause more harm than good. Let’s take a look at how some tried and true DIY drain cleaning or unclogging measures are effective, while others can actually be detrimental to plumbing. The professional plumbing technicians at Sun Plumbing are experienced and reliable plumbers in Melbourne, FL. We are more than ready to handle any plumbing crisis you encounter and step in when DIY solutions just don’t cut it!

It is human nature to want to try to fix something that’s broken or attempt to save a few dollars by tackling maintenance and/or repairs by yourself. The internet is filled with DIY tips and solutions on how to unclog pipes, mend leaks, and fix emergency plumbing situations. The best way to avoid a problem in the first place is to steer clear of putting items down the drain that are known to be problematic. Here is a quick reference list of common household items which should not be put down the drain or toilet to begin with:

Don’t put these items down the drain:

  • Hair
  • Paper towels and tissues
  • Fibrous, stringy foods
  • Coffee grounds
  • “Flushable” wipes
  • Bones
  • Starchy items like potatoes, rice, and pasta
  • Fats, oils, and grease
  • Eggshells

If you are lax when disposing of these items and accidentally incur a clog, there are some DIY measures you can take safely before resorting to calling and scheduling an appointment with Sun Plumbing. A clog drained can best be cleared by breaking out the following trusty plumbing tools…a cup plunger and an auger (or snake). A cup plunger is best used on minor small clogs. If you have tried cleaning your sink stopper and it’s not the problem, create the proper suction needed by blocking off the sink’s overflow drain. Add a little water to the sink and place the cup plunger fully over the drain and pump up and down. The plunger will become easier to push once the clog is cleared or loosened.  The auger or snake is a physical tool, like wire or cable, used to break up a clog as it is cranked and “snakes” through the piping until it hooks onto the clog. The mess is then pulled out and disposed of in the trash.

In a follow up to this blog, we will look at detrimental DIYs, legitimate drain maintenance, and some of the downsides to using drain cleaners. As always, if you are looking for the “Best Under the Sun,” contact Sun Plumbing and we will happily solve your plumbing issues if your DIY turns into an OMG in the Brevard County areas of Melbourne, Viera, and Palm Bay.

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