Why Won’t My Toilet Flush

toilet won't flush

We have all had issues with toilets wondering why won’t my toilet flush! Whether it is flushing at a snail’s pace or has completely overflowed! As experts in the plumbing field, Sun Plumbing would like to share the two most common toilet flushing issues and solutions.

2 Common Toilet Flushing Issues

Issue 1  – My Toilet Isn’t Flushing all the Way

This is a very frustrating problem. You hold the handle down, you jiggle it, you try everything you can think of, but the water never completely drains from the toilet basin and there is soggy toilet paper swirling around and around in the bowl.  Yuck!

Solution – Water Level in the Tank is Too Low or There is a Problem with the Flapper

While this a very frustrating problem, it has a fairly easy solution. You can likely take care of it yourself, but if you are not handy or are simply grossed, you can always give us a call at Sun Plumbing!  If you want to tackle it yourself, you may need to make some adjustments to the parts within the cistern (the part with the big, rectangular lid), such as the position of the float ball, to allow the water level to rise to the proper level.

Another solution is if the flapper is not properly covering the hole it is designed to seal. You may simply need to adjust the length of the chain holding it or replace the flapper if it is damaged.

Issue 2 – My Toilet Overflows When I Flush

This is probably every customer’s worst case scenario. A local resident was willing to share her story, “When we were first married, we had a relative visiting. The toilet overflowed when he flushed it. The water quickly covered our bathroom floor and made its way into the hallway onto our hardwood floors!  That was twenty-five years ago, and I still remember it!”  Yes, an overflowing toilet can make a lasting impression!

Solution – There is a clog that needs to be cleared

Overflowing when flushing is usually caused by a clog. A clog can be formed in a variety of ways, such as flushing too much toilet paper or previously flushed items are caught in the pipes.  These are usually items that should not have been flushed in the first place. Check out our previous blog called Can I Flush This Down My Toilet? These clogs can sometimes be fixed with a plunger. If the clog is more serious, then you may need to call a plumber to clear the pipes using an auger.

Sun Plumbing Can Handle All Your Toilet Emergencies

With over forty-five years in the plumbing business,  you can be confident that there isn’t a toilet that Sun Plumbing can’t handle! While all toilets may eventually need replacing, if it can be repaired, then we can do it! We are located in Melbourne Florida, and proudly serve all of Brevard County including plumbing in Viera, Cocoa Beach, Titusville to Palm Bay.  For all your toilet and plumbing needs, look no further than the company that is as dependable as the sun!

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