Can I Flush This Down My Toilet?

toddlers flushing toilet

You would be shocked at the things we, at Sun Plumbing, have found caught in our customers’ toilets! Mostly it is not the homeowner having flushed something that shouldn’t be flushed, but rather a younger resident (aka a toddler) having done so. However, adults also flush things they shouldn’t. Before you throw, stop and ask, can I flush this down my toilet?

What Should Not Be Flushed

There are some obvious items like toy cars, toy dinosaurs, rubber duckies, entire rolls of toilet paper, or shampoo bottles are all examples of things that should NOT be flushed down a toilet!

But there are some items that may surprise you. The major rule is if the object does not dissolve in water, then do not flush it. Here is a list of things that you should not flush:

  • Facial tissues (Kleenex)
  • Paper towels
  • cotton balls
  • Q-tips
  • Dental floss
  • Wipes, such as baby wipes and disinfecting wipes are not made to be flushable.
  • Sorry ladies, but feminine products should technically be thrown away in the trash. They are likely made from cotton or other materials that expand with water. Remember, these items are made to be absorbent, not dissolvable.

Although these items may be small, they can expand. There is also the danger of other flushed items (even if flushable) getting caught on these non-flushable items, causing a plumbing clog.  So, while one Q-tip COULD be harmless, the combo of your two Q-tips and dental floss may work as a net, according to

What Can Be Flushed

Obviously, number one on the list is toilet paper. According to the Responsible Flushing Alliance, wipes labeled as “flushable” are safe to flush. Wipes labeled as “flushable” must go through testing in order to be labeled as such. However, they do no break down nearly as quickly as toilet paper, possibly taking hours as opposed to minutes. So, it is still possible for flushable wipes, particularly if a large quantity is used, to cause a clog.

Sun Plumbing To The Rescue

Can I flush this down my toilet? Most likely no. But regardless of the responsible party – Mom, Dad, toddler, or visiting Aunt Mabel – Sun Plumbing is here to clear up the resulting plumbing clog! We are available 24 hours because we understand that not all plumbing emergencies happen between 9 am and 5 pm!  So, the next time your little angel wants to see if a T-rex can swim, give us a call. We proudly serve all of Brevard County and look forward to serving you!

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