4 Common Water Heater Problems


Have you ever been enjoying a relaxing hot shower only to have the water suddenly turn cold?  Problems with water heaters are common.  This article is going to tell you about 4 common water heater problems and what you can do about them.  You have a water heater.  Everyone does.  So, read on to learn more about this appliance that you use every day!

Four common water heater problems are: leaks, no hot water, running out of hot water, and dirty/rust-colored water.  These problems are all fixable and don’t necessarily require replacing your water heater.  

Sun Plumbing has been in business for over 45 years in Melbourne, FL.  We have handled every type of plumbing emergency you can imagine!  Water heaters are a common source of issues for homeowners, so we wanted to address 4 common water heater problems that you may experience.  We will also tell you if you can fix the issue yourself or if you need to give us a call!

1.) Leaks

Nothing makes your heart drop quite like walking out to your garage and stepping in a puddle.  Your water heater is leaking.  What should you do?  Panic and run around in circles, splashing water everywhere?  We have a better solution.  If you see water dripping from a specific place on your water heater, you may just have a loose bolt that you can easily tighten yourself.  If the water heater seems to be leaking from the bottom, particularly if it is a significant amount of water, then you will need to call us.  The water heater may need a gasket replaced.  Quite often, a significant leak indicates that your water heater is headed to that big appliance warehouse in the sky.  Water heaters last about 8-12 years.  They corrode from the inside leading to their demise after about a decade.

2.) No Hot Water

After a workout, yard work, or a long day at work, nothing sounds better than a relaxing, hot shower.  In those moments, nothing is worse than finding no hot water.  If you have an electric water heater, the first thing you should check is your breaker box.  The fix may be as simple as a flipped breaker.  If you have a gas water heater, it is possible that your pilot light has somehow gone out.  This can be fixed by relighting the pilot light which you likely can do yourself.  Other possible causes for no hot water are a faulty heating element or a faulty thermostat.  If either of those parts is faulty, we can easily replace them for you.

3.) Running Out of Hot Water

If you grew up in a large family, then you have probably experienced the unpleasantness of running out of hot water midway through your shower.  It’s not bad if you are almost done, but when your hair is still full of shampoo, it can be pretty annoying!  Multiple people using the showers in a short time span or using hot water simultaneously in multiple appliances, such as the dishwasher and washing machine are common causes of running out of hot water.  When these reasons are the cause, the only real solution besides not doing those things is to get a larger water heater.  If it happens frequently, then you may want to schedule a water heater replacement with us.

4.) Dirty/Rust-Colored Water

Dirty or rust-colored water is often a sign of corrosion.  If the anode rod is corroding, we can replace it which will clear up your water and give your water heater a longer life.  If the corrosion isn’t caught, then the inner lining of the tank will corrode.  When this occurs, the water heater will require replacement because not only are you drinking rusty water but also the water heater will begin leaking.


We have discussed 4 common water heater problems that you may encounter: leaks, no hot water, running out of hot water, and dirty/rust-colored water.  Some are simple DIY projects while others require a professional plumber.  If you are encountering any of the above issues with your water heater, rest assured that Sun Plumbing plumbers are experts at both water heater repair and water heater replacement.  With service “as dependable as the sun,” you know you can rely on us for fast, cost-effective, and professional plumbing service.

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