4 Reasons to Get Your Whole House Repiped


Do you feel like you should have your plumber on speed dial?  Are you constantly dealing with plumbing issues such as broken pipes and leaks?  We know that properly working plumbing is an essential part of your home running smoothly.  Asking the neighbor to use their toilet could get a bit awkward.  If you are facing continual plumbing issues, then it may be time to call a professional for a whole house water repipe.

There are various reasons to get your whole house repiped.  Poor water pressure, discolored water, outdated pipes, and multiple leaks are 4 of the main reasons to get a house repiped.  For health, safety, and convenience, properly working plumbing is a must. 

Waking up to a puddle of water in the house or toilets that aren’t working is way worse than your annoying alarm.  Plumbing issues are probably some of the most frustrating and urgent home repairs.  You need properly running water for sanitary issues.  And, frankly, you WANT properly running water because it makes life so much easier!  At Sun Plumbing, we understand that improperly functioning plumbing can be a crisis. We chose the slogan “as dependable as the sun,” and we meant it.  We don’t want you to wonder if and when your plumber will show up!  We will be there to handle your plumbing issue as quickly, efficiently, and professionally as possible.  Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why you might need to call us to do a whole house repiping for you.

#1 You Have Low Water Pressure

First, before calling the plumber, make sure the water valves are turned on properly.  If you were moving stuff around under a sink, you may have inadvertently adjusted a water valve, causing less water to flow.  If all your valves are turned on sufficiently and you still have low water pressure consistently, then you may have clogged pipes.  While some water is getting through, it is not a satisfactory amount.  This often occurs in older pipes when rust is sloughing off and piling up in the pipes.  Sediment may also have gotten into the pipes causing a blockage.  If this is happening in multiple water pipes, then it may be time for a repipe.

#2 You Have Discolored Water

In last month’s blog entitled, “Why Is My Water that Color?” we discussed four reasons for discolored water – broken pipes, minerals and rust, flushed fire hydrants, and recently repaired pipes.  Two of these causes are possible reasons for needing a repipe.  Broken pipes and minerals/rust could be big enough problems that you need to repipe the house.   As mentioned above when discussing low water pressure, too much rust can actually cause a blockage, so if you are noticing an orange tint to your water, you should give us a call.  Sometimes discolored water is caused by a temporary situation.  Sometimes it indicates a larger problem in need of professional attention.

#3 You Have Multiple Leaks

As just mentioned, broken pipes are a big problem and may be telling you it is time for a repipe.  A leak once in a while is normal, but multiple leaks are not.  In fact, if you use your homeowner’s insurance for multiple leaks, they may discontinue your policy.  Unfortunately, over time pipes weaken and wear out.  If your home’s plumbing is old, then it may simply be time to replace it.

#4 You Have Outdated Pipes

Pipes don’t quite go out of style like clothes, but as more is learned about building materials, changes are made.  Polybutylene and lead pipes are no longer used in plumbing.  Polybutylene pipes stopped being used in 1996 after it was discovered that they were prone to leaks – a bit of a problem for a water pipe, wouldn’t you say?  If your home was built with polybutylene pipes you may not be able to get homeowner’s insurance.  This is an excellent example of why you should have a home inspection done prior to signing purchase papers for a house, by the way.  Lead pipes were banned in new construction in 1986.  If you have lead pipes, you should replace them immediately!  EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) has set the maximum contaminant level goal for lead in drinking water at zero because lead is a toxic metal that can be harmful to human health even at low exposure levels.”   In other words, no level of lead exposure is safe.


Properly working plumbing is important for your safety and comfort.  Sometimes a simple plumbing repair is all that is required, but it may be time for your home to be repiped.  How do you know?  If you have low water pressure, discolored water, multiple leaks, or outdated pipes, then it may be time for repiping.  If you have a plumbing issue or are wondering if it is time to repipe, then give us a call at Sun Plumbing!  With over 45 years of experience serving the Melbourne, FL, area, we are ready and waiting to take your service call and deliver the best plumbing experience you have ever had!  At Sun Plumbing, we are “as dependable as the sun.”

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