4 Strange Plumbing Sounds and How to Fix Them!

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If you are hearing strange plumbing sounds in your house, it is not time to call Ghostbusters! It is time to call Sun Plumbing! Quite often, plumbing issues lead to strange noises. We are going to discuss a few of these noises and how to fix them!

Knocking Sound

Knock, knock! Who’s there? It’s your plumbing, and it’s not happy! Are you hearing a knocking or banging sound when you turn off the water? It can also occur when your washing machine has finished filling, or a toilet has finished flushing. This can have a couple causes. First, you may have air chambers in your pipe valves that are clogged. A professional plumber can clear the clog for you. Second, the “arrestor” could be damaged or non-existent. This is a part designed to prevent this noise. Houses built prior to 1970 may not have had this part installed when built. Again, call a professional plumber.

Gurgling Sound

No, your house is not using Listerine. We said “gurgling,” not gargling! This could have a couple different causes, as well. You may have air bubbles in the pipe or a partial clog. You may need a drain vent replaced or a clog cleared. A professional plumber can easily handle either repair.

Screeching/Squeaking/Whining Sound

Whichever word you use to describe the sound, it probably sounds like your house is complaining about something, and it is! You will need a professional plumber to determine the cause of this sound. Your pressure-reducing valve may need to be replaced or the faucet itself may need to be replaced. It may depend upon if the sound is isolated to one faucet or if it is a house-wide issue.

Dripping Sound

While this is the least “strange” of all the sounds, it may not be the least annoying! We addressed dripping faucets in our last blog, but in case you missed it, we wanted to mention it here because it may be the most constant of all the sounds! In order to fix this issue, you will likely need a part replaced, such as an O-ring or valve seat. You may be able to do this repair yourself, but if you are unsure, then don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber!

Sun Plumbing Isn’t Scared!

Whatever sounds your plumbing is making, Sun Plumbing can handle it! We are located in Melbourne and proudly serve Brevard County! With over 45 years of experience, there isn’t a plumbing sound we haven’t heard or a plumbing issue we haven’t solved. If you are ready for some peace and quiet, then give us a call today!

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