5 Common Bathroom Replacements

Leaky Faucet

Drip, drip, sploosh!  Uh oh…you already know without looking that what you just heard is not a welcome sound.  This article is going to discuss 5 common bathroom items that require replacement…and we don’t mean the toilet paper roll!  If you are noticing issues in your bathroom or have an older home, then you may be facing one or more of these replacements in the near future, but don’t fear!  We are here to guide you through it.

There are 5 common bathroom replacements:  faucets, bathtubs, shower valves, shower pans, and toilets.  Some items may be repairable, but there usually comes a time in each of these bathroom fixtures’ “lives” that requires replacement.

If you are unsure whether or not it is time to replace one or more of the above items, then keep reading.  This article is going to discuss these 5 common bathroom replacements and explain when replacement is necessary or optional.  

#1  Faucets

Your bathroom has multiple faucets.  The number of faucets depends on how many sinks you have, if they are single-handle or double-handle faucets and how many faucets your bathtub/shower has.  They are sometimes separate which means more faucets.  As you can see, your bathroom is abundant in faucets.  Replacing faucets because they are an outdated style is considered an optional replacement.  (Although, you may consider it very necessary!)  Things to look for that signal necessary faucet replacement are leaking, poor water pressure, or a constant need for repairs.

#2  Bathtubs

Bathtubs can last decades when well taken care of.  You may not be the first owner of your home, however, and your bathtub may have been neglected.  If you are noticing leaking or puddles on the floor after using the tub (and you weren’t splashing about in reckless abandon), then it may be time to replace your tub.  Also, if it is stained and nothing is working to remove the stains, you may want to replace it.

#3  Shower Valves

A shower valve controls the rate of water flow and the water temperature in your shower.  Shower valves are essential for the proper functioning of your shower.  Shower valves are inside the wall, not visible like your shower faucet.  There are a few different signs that you may need a new shower valve – if your shower drips constantly even when turned off, if you hear strange sounds inside the shower wall where the valve is located, if your shower handle isn’t properly controlling the shower, or changes in water pressure or temperature.  These are signs that your shower valve may be “kaput.”

#4  Shower Pans

Not all showers have shower pans.  Some showers are shower/tub combos, so you stand in the tub.  Some showers have tile floors.  A shower pan is a solid piece insert that makes up the floor of some showers.  If your shower pan is cracked, you need to replace it or you will get water underneath it which can cause significant damage or mold.  If it is leaking or moving/unstable, then it is also time to replace it.  If it is old and discolored, it isn’t necessary to replace it, but you may wish to do so.

#5 Toilets

The toilet is probably considered the most essential aspect of the bathroom.  When the toilet isn’t working properly, panic may ensue, especially if you live in a one-bathroom house!  Many toilet issues are fairly easy fixes. If you look inside your toilet tank (lift the lid on the back of the toilet for you non-DIY’ers), you will see that the mechanisms controlling your toilet are pretty simple.  But, there comes a time in every toilet’s “life,” when it must be replaced.

You may choose to replace an old toilet that is stained or chipped.  You may also want to replace an older toilet because new toilets are much more water-efficient which can save you money on your water bill.  If you are having to do frequent repairs or if your toilet is cracked or leaking , then you should replace it.  Most toilets last a very long time which is why some of you may still have toilets that work well but are not water-efficient.


Five common bathroom replacements discussed in this article are faucets, bathtubs, shower valves, shower pans, and toilets.  If you are experiencing issues with any of these bathroom fixtures, then reach out to us at Sun Plumbing.  We are located in Melbourne, FL, and have been serving Brevard County for almost 50 years.  With vast experience and well-trained plumbers, Sun Plumbing has earned our reputation for “being dependable as the sun.”  We wish you well-working bathrooms, but in the event you need a plumber, we’ll be there!

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