7 Steps to Check Your Plumbing in the New Year


2023 is behind you, and the new year stretches before you.  You can’t control everything that will happen in the new year, but you can do your part to prevent some major plumbing issues in your home!  Now that all your holiday company has departed, it’s time to catch your breath and plunge into the new year!  Hopefully, that plunge forward won’t require a plunger, but just in case it does, we have some plumbing advice to get you started this year!

To start your new year off right and avoid plumbing problems in 2024 we have some suggestions for you.  First, check all faucets for drips and leaks.  Second, check all visible, indoor plumbing for leaks.  Third, check all tubs and showers for drips and leaks. Fourth, check all toilets for leaks.  Fifth, check all visible outdoor plumbing for drips and leaks.  Sixth, check the water heater for leaks.  Seventh, have a plumbing inspection done.  By following these seven steps, you may prevent any major plumbing problems in the new year!

Plumbing issues can be one of those heart-dropping house repairs.  Toilets not working or no hot water can really put a kink in your day!  At Sun Plumbing, we understand how important it is for your plumbing to work properly every time.  That’s why we have compiled a list of 7 steps you can take that may prevent a plumbing issue for you this year.  And, if a plumbing issue still arises, know that Sun Plumbing can handle it!

Step #1 Check All Faucets for Drips and Leaks

Drips and leaks are different which is why we mentioned that you should check for both.  Go through your house and check all bathroom sinks, the kitchen sink, and any additional sinks, such as a wet bar sink for any dripping faucets.  A sink that drips even when turned off can be pretty annoying.  You may hear the constant drip, drip, drip.  It can also affect your water bill depending on how fast it is dripping and how long you allow the drip to go unfixed.  A dripping faucet is usually a fairly easy fix.  It may be caused by a worn-out washer.  If your faucet consists of 2 handles, then it is a cartridge-style faucet.  Sometimes the cartridge gets worn out or damaged and needs to be replaced.  Lastly, it could be an issue with your water pressure in the house.

Leaks occur somewhere other than the part of the faucet where water comes out.  You may have a leak around the handle of the sink which is often caused by a faulty O-ring.  If your faucet is leaking from the base, it may be a deteriorated valve seat.  You may also have worn-out seals.

Step #2 Check All Visible Indoor Plumbing for Leaks

Now it’s time to look under the sinks.  Check for any dripping occurring from your pipes.  If you don’t see any active dripping, but there are wet areas under your sink, then you should suspect a leak.  Pipes won’t drip when no water is running through them.  If your sinks are dry underneath, you are probably in the clear, but it wouldn’t hurt to run each of your faucets for a minute to make sure.  You may just have a loose connection or a worn-out gasket.  Don’t panic.  Such leaks are often easy repairs.  If there is a crack in your pipe, then you will need to replace the pipe.

Step #3 Check All Tubs and Shower for Drips and Leaks

As with the sinks, there is a difference between drips and leaks.  Is your tub spout or shower head dripping?  Is it leaking from a handle or the base of the spout?  Dripping may once again be caused by a worn-out washer, an easy fix.  Leaking could be caused by a worn-out cartridge or could be a cracked pipe inside the wall.  Shower or tub leaks can be a bit trickier to detect as most of the plumbing is hidden inside the wall.  If changing out the faucet or its parts doesn’t fix the issue, we recommend giving us a call.

Step #4 Check All Toilets for Leaks

You know those two little white caps at the base of your toilet?  There is actually a large bolt under each of them.  Some of you knew that; some of you didn’t!  If those bolts get loose, your toilet may leak from them when flushed.

Step #5 Check All Visible Outdoor Plumbing for Drips and Leaks

Now it’s time to scoot outside.  Check your outdoor faucets for any drips and leaks, just like you did inside.  Remember a drip comes from the spigot.  A leak comes from somewhere else, like the faucet handle or base.

Step #6 Check the Water Heater for Leaks

For most of you, checking the water heater for leaks means heading to the garage.  If your water heater is leaking, you likely would have noticed it unless it just started.  For example, one Indialantic resident knew her water heater was leaking when she saw water running out from under the garage door into her driveway as she was about to leave for church!  If your water heater is leaking, you can turn it off to stop the flow of water until the plumber arrives!

Step #7 Get a Plumbing Inspection

If you are physically unable or would simply like a professional to do all the above steps, Sun Plumbing would be happy to come take a look to make sure all your plumbing is in good working order.  We can also conduct leak detection.  We can detect leaks even if they are in the ground or under your slab.  If you suspect a hidden leak, then leak detection is the way to go.


Nobody wants to start the year off with a plumbing problem.  That is why we have suggested the above steps to catch any plumbing issues before they get worse.  Check indoor and outdoor faucets for drips and leaks, check showers and tubs for drips and leaks, check indoor and outdoor plumbing for leaks, check toilets and water heaters for leaks, and have any suspected leaks checked out by our professional plumbers. Sun Plumbing is here for all your plumbing needs, so if 2024 throws you a plumbing curve, give us a call!

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