Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs

Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs
Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs

Checking to make sure you have proper drainage sloping away from your home helps avoid water damage issues. Before purchasing a home make sure you have the foundation properly checked. You can investigate yourself to see the conditions of the soil. The foundation of your home is of the utmost importance. Without a solid and proper foundation you can be up against costly repairs.

Costly foundation repairs are not just caused by poor soil or improper drainage issues, they are also caused by leaky plumbing or the shrinkage of clay due to trees being planted too close to the home. Their roots soak up all of the water from the soil, thus leaving your foundation high and dry.

Here are some helpful tips to help prevent home foundation problems:


Search for any vertical, horizontal or zigzagging cracks on the walls of the house. There could be noticeable signs such as mold or water stains, crumbling concrete, gaps in the concrete, or sloping and sagging walls or flooring. The inspection should be conducted on the inside and outside of the home.


Plant trees away from your home. When planting trees and shrubs, find out how large the roots will be and let that factor into your decision as to where it’s best to plant them. Roots find moisture and grow up to three times as large as the trunk. Consider planting them away from any concrete or patios where they can crack and damage the foundation of your home.

Water drainage

Make sure your gutters are properly draining water away from your home. When the water collects close to the foundation of the house and walls it puts stress on the foundation of the home. Standing water right next to your home can seep into your home creating mold and water damage. It is important to divert the rain away from your home and have a sloped yard to carry the water away from your home.

At Sun Plumbing we will be happy to help you with any drain field repairs in Melbourne, Florida or anywhere in Brevard County. Check your home for any symptoms such as unnaturally wet areas or leaky plumbing, and if you find any problem areas let us help out!

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