Avoiding Summer Plumbing Problems – Part 2

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This is the second installment of a blog addressing ways to show your plumbing some summer loving here in Brevard County, Florida.  The preventative plumbing measures we suggested will hopefully help you put your money toward fun family adventures and allow for careless summer days spent relaxing at the beach or floating in the pool instead of scheduling pricey emergency plumbing fixes. After all, you want to keep your time and finances for summer vacations and sunny season festivities! At Sun Plumbing of Melbourne, FL, we love to share ways to save time, money, and energy when it comes to household plumbing. In the first blog entry, we discussed proactive tips related to maintenance of sewer lines and hot water heaters. What other take-charge actions can you incorporate to keep money in the vacation fund and time dedicated to summer entertainment instead of plunging a clogged toilet or waiting for a local Palm Bay plumber to arrive to assess your crisis? Let’s see…

Check Your Gutters

Recently we had some wild whipping winds blowing in with the summer thunderstorms. Take the motivated steps of checking the gutters and downspouts surrounding your home to make sure they are debris-free. All that rain needs to go somewhere! Using a ladder, put on some gloves and remove any visible leaves, muddy debris, and sticks. You can follow up using a hose with a high-powered jet to get anything you could not remove by hand. Lastly, do a walkabout to make sure nothing is blocking or lodged in your downspouts. To avoid flooding, make sure your downspouts are set to direct water away from your home and foundation.

Assess Your Washing Machine

Check the connections and hoses on your washing machine. With the kids home for summer, families typically do more laundry this time of year. Whether it is the increase in towels due to hours in the pool or at the beach, the frequent outfit changes because of the heat or change in activities, or participation in camps or summer sports, warm weather generally equals more laundry. If any of your washing machine hoses have signs or mildew or cracks, replace them! Better to play it safe than be trapped under a mountain of laundry!

Garbage Disposal Refresher

Just as your washing machine is doing double duty during the summer months, often so is your kitchen garbage disposal! It is a good idea to remind household members and guests of what should and should not go down the disposal because it is not as heavy-duty as one might think. Always run a few seconds of cold water before and after using the disposal. Avoid putting thick, fibrous, or large material down the sink to be disposed of. Preventative measures can preserve your appliances and help avoid costly emergency repairs.

If you have incorporated some of our summer-loving plumbing ideas and preventative measures to help save time, energy and money, and yet you still find yourself with an issue beyond your scope of expertise, call the experienced team of professional Viera, FL plumbers at Sun Plumbing. We will happily solve your household plumbing concern and get you back enjoying the perks of summer in Florida!

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