Backyard Bathtubs


Believe it or not, bathtubs are not solely restricted to being located in the bathroom. It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to put beautiful clawfoot or rustic bathtubs on decks, balconies and private patio spaces. Designing a bathtub in the backyard can be a creative, exciting adventure. Have you ever thought about breathing in the fresh air while enjoying a relaxing bath in the privacy of your own yard? Soaking in a bathtub or hot tub with a glass of wine and a beautiful sky full of stars is the ultimate relaxing soak. The country alternative is an outdoor trendy version of a stock tank pool. A stock tank pool is another option to stay cool over the summer when the temperatures rise. When the sun is setting and it’s not quite dark outside yet, go outside and light some candles in your bathtub to enjoy the perfect evening at home.

Here are some options for an outdoor bathtub:

Outdoor oasis

Turn a space in your backyard into a private oasis for you to relax in nature. Figure out where you want to put your bathtub in your yard. Make sure you will feel comfortable in the environment you choose and that the drainage is closely considered before making a concrete decision. You want to be able to fully relax wherever you place your bathtub. Find a spot in your yard that has high elevation to allow for proper drainage after your bath. For added privacy, you could place your bathtub near a tree and have potted plants surrounding the tub or place your bathtub near your garden. The water from your bath can be repurposed to water your plants that are nearby. Think about what you wish to be surrounded by when you’re taking a bath.

Stock tank tub

A stock tank tub adds charm to your yard backyard. Add a wood-fired element to heat things up on a cold winter’s evening. You can easily design your own stock tank tub with the correct supplies. You will need a concrete mix, gravel, a 169-gallon stock tank (depending on what size you want), push-to-connect fitting, pipe fitting, and copper tubing. Level out the foundation for your bathing space before you begin.

Heated bathtub

An option for heating your outdoor bathtub water is a gas heating system to quickly get the temperature of the water to your liking. Gas heaters have an electronic system that is easy to use.

Professional assistance hooking up plumbing for your outdoor bathtub is strongly suggested, so give your local Melbourne, FL plumber a call. At Sun Plumbing we will be happy to help you assemble a drainage system that can properly supply both hot and cold water in addition to your existing Brevard County home connection.

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