Bathroom Grout Cracking


Bathroom grout can easily crack in the shower. Hiring a professional to install your bathroom tile rather than doing it yourself should ease your worries. However, some tile installers assemble showers incorrectly. Laying tile on an uneven surface can create standing water or allow mold to grow, and can even cause cracks in the joints where the tile meets the grout. Bathroom tile grout cracks can emerge because of age, but they most often happen because of problems during installation or from errors when mixing the grout.

Here are some simple ways to prevent cracks from forming in your shower:

Leading factors

When the main source of cracking in the grout is found along the joints this means that it could be caused from foundation settling, high humidity, temperature fluctuations and other similar factors.

When grout is being installed in your home and the mixture of ingredients isn’t properly measured this can also be the source of the issue. If the installer isn’t qualified and properly trained he could make a mistake by adding too much water or not enough additives. If the measurement is off in the grout mixture this can leave behind air pockets and make the grout weaker than normal, thus leading it to a faster decline in its life span. If not enough adhesive is used in the mixture this can cause stress on the tile and create an environment for cracks to form.


To fix the cracked grout you need to remove all of the loose and cracked grout. You can use a Dremel tool or a grout saw and then vacuum out the excess scraps. If you have a couple of cracks and you feel confident to perform this task on your own you can try to repair them yourself, although it’s always best to hire a professional.

Silicone caulk is a much better replacement that will hold a longer life span compared to the previous grout mixture that was cracked. Silicone caulk also dries quickly compared to other grout mixtures. Choose a color to match your bathroom grout that is already present. Check to see that it can be used in wet environments and is mildew resistant.

If you feel like you want to job to get done right then give a professional plumber in Brevard County a call to ease your mind.  Hiring an expert to install your shower or repair cracks will prevent headaches and frustration. At Sun Plumbing we can get the job done right.

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