Bathroom Upgrades for Safety


As we grow older our mobility and balance weaken. What once was a relaxing time drawing a bath to loosen up your muscles with hot water and relieve tension could soon become a stressful experience. Your safety could be compromised as you get older. Stepping on wet tiles is dangerous and puts you at an increased risk for an accident. You can remodel your bathroom or add on some safety hand railings for precautions.

Here are some options to help bring a safer environment into your bathroom:

Bath mat

This is a simple and inexpensive option to help avoid any slip-and-fall accidents. A non-slip bath mat is designed for this exact purpose. It will make it easier to step in and out of the shower with a non-slip surface. If you don’t feel comfortable with the mat because you fear that you could trip on the mat then you can try non-slip strips. These can be placed in other places in the bathroom for safety precautions such as near the sink.

Sit down

Use a shower chair if you have difficulty standing up for long periods of time or if your balance is unstable. This will make is much easier and more relaxing. Don’t try to squeeze a chair into your shower if you won’t have enough room to move around safely. Find a chair with rubber tips on the bottom of the legs so you and the chair won’t fall when getting up and down.

Grab bars

Grab bars make a wonderful addition to assist balance and support. This is another option to add onto your shower or bathtub area. This provides stability and can be added in easy to reach places.


If you decide to remodel your bathroom, you can design every detail. When it comes to renovation, you can model your bathroom to fit your every need, in order to make it as safe and functional as possible. Walk in showers also add value to your home while providing safety and more space, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning your shower door ever again.

If you are looking into bathroom remodeling we can help you Sun Plumbing in Melbourne, Florida, with a zero-entry shower design to help eliminate anything blocking your path while getting in and out of the shower. We want to make sure you are safe while navigating your way around the bathroom.

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