Can Critters Get Into My Plumbing Pipes?


We’ve all heard those freaky plumbing stories about unsuspecting homeowners discovering a snake in their toilet or a frog crawling up the shower drain mid-shower. I think we’d all be pretty alarmed if that happened to us! But, are these stories even possible? Can reptiles, amphibians, insects or animals really pop up your drain to scare the heck out of you at any given moment? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out.

Snake in the Toilet

This is probably one of the scariest scenarios we can think of, especially if the snake isn’t noticed right away…Ouch and yikes! While it’s really unlikely that a snake would slither up your pipes and then curl up in the toilet bowl, depending on the way your plumbing is set up, it’s technically possible. There are cases where people have discovered these scaly creatures in their commode. However, as we mentioned, it’s pretty rare for this to happen. Even if a snake found its way into your main sewer line, it would have to not only survive in the chilly water but also choose the sewer pipe that corresponds to the toilet. Chances are, you’ll never find a snake in your toilet. On the off chance you do, call animal control right away!

Frog in the Shower Drain

Here’s another situation no one wants to experience – having a big slimy toad hop out of the drain while you’re shampooing your hair! Well, while not a common occurrence, it can happen. Since frogs are amphibians they need moisture, so they love moist areas like bathrooms! There are factors that come into play, like what type of frog and what condition your pipes are in. If you have cracks in your pipes it’s easier for these critters to climb into your drains (and yes, this could include the toilet!).

Bugs in the Pipes

Yup, these guys can get into your plumbing too! They can come into your home via your sewer system or crawl into the drains or toilet when they’re already inside. These are more common than snakes or frogs, partly because they tend to multiply quickly and partly because they’re small enough to navigate through small spaces. Cockroaches, moths, flies and the like can all take up residence in or around your plumbing area.

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but critters can indeed end up in your plumbing. But, take heart, if you ever find yourself in a situation where an unwanted guest has taken up residence in your drains, Sun Plumbing can help! We’re located in Melbourne, FL and also serve surrounding areas like Palm Bay and Viera. If you need an experienced, reliable plumber in Brevard County, we’re just a phone call away.

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