Can Trees or Shrubs Damage Your Sewer Lines?

Outside Plumbing

Most often, we think of the plumbing inside our homes, and we may forget that plumbing runs underground (sewer lines) outside our homes, as well.  Spring is when many of us begin sprucing up our yards, tearing out dead plants and replacing them with fresh, vibrant flowers, shrubs, and trees.  But, before you do, read on to be certain that you don’t choose foliage that can damage your plumbing,  Sun Plumbing, the superior plumbing company in Melbourne, FL, is here to give you some direction!

What Plumbing Is Outside My House?

Different homes are plumbed differently. Some have the majority of plumbing running underneath the home, some have it around the edge of the structure, while others have it running through the attic.  If you have plumbing around the edge of your home, then you have even more plumbing that is subject to damage due to the foliage in your yard.

Along with plumbing specific to your home, you will have a mainline that leads from your home out to the street.  You also have sewer lines leading out from your home.  With all of this, you have plumbing in both your front and back yards.

What Plants Should I Avoid Near Plumbing and Sewer Lines?

According to Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, you should avoid the following shrubs and trees:

  • Willow shrubs and trees
  • Elm trees
  • Poplar trees
  • Tulip trees
  • Beech trees
  • Aspen trees
  • Ash trees
  • Most maple trees

Any plants or trees known to have aggressive or large, widespread root systems should be avoided near all plumbing and sewer lines to maintain the integrity of the system.  Nobody wants to walk out into their front yard and find a puddle of sewage in their lawn!

What Plants Are Safe Near Plumbing and Sewer Lines?

According to Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, the following shrubs and trees are relatively safe to plant in your yard:

  • Cherry trees
  • Easter redbud trees
  • Dogwood trees
  • Holly shrubs
  • Boxwood shrubs

Also, flowers with shallow or small root systems are safe to plant and add nice color to your yard – think petunias, marigolds, violets, etc.

Maintain Your Plumbing and Sewer Lines

Even a tiny crack in a pipe gives space for dirt to get into your pipes causing clogs.  Additionally, roots are very good at finding their way into a cracked pipe causing further damage.  At the slightest hint of a plumbing issue, you need to check your lines and make any necessary repairs or better yet, call us!


Whether your oak tree attacked your plumbing system or age has simply taken its toll, Sun Plumbing is here for all your plumbing needs.  We are located in Melbourne and have been serving Melbourne and the surrounding areas, such as Viera and the beaches since 1974.  If you are experiencing a plumbing issue, give us a call and experience superior plumbing service at its finest!

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