Christmas is on the way!


This title surely elicits both excitement and worry!!! What does a plumbing blog have to do with a Christmas countdown? Well, it may be a good time to have your septic tank serviced! Are you expecting out of town company? Will there be more people than ordinary showering, bathing, and flushing the toilets? Are the majority of the festivities hosted in your home? We at Sun Plumbing we happily provide many maintenance services in Viera, Melbourne, Palm Bay, and throughout Brevard County.

Sun Plumbing provides general home servicing which can help ready your home for the extra burdens the holidays are sure to bring. It is as simple as calling 321-725-2460 and scheduling a service. Some relevant maintenance services may be: drain cleaning, sewer repair, sewer replacement, drain field cleaning, drain field replacement, septic tank cleaning, septic tank pumping, and aerobic treatment maintenance.

In our previous posts, clogged drains and overflowing toilets were addressed. Holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about plumbing issues putting a damper on the merrymaking. If your home uses a septic system which empties into a drain field, there is maintenance required before a problem arises and causes havoc. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that, “The average household should be inspected at least every three years by a septic service professional.” Several factors determine when a septic tank needs to be pumped. It is a given that sludge and scum will build up over time. The size of the septic tank, the volume of the solids in the wastewater, the size of the household, and wastewater amount generated determine when and if a tank needs to be cleaned. Our website contains a detailed explanation of how a septic system works including informative illustrations. On our Sun Plumbing website, a pump out video is provided showing you what to expect when your tank is pumped and below is a visual to aid in the understanding of terms relating to septic tanks and drain fields if your house.

As with most of the plumbing in your house, there are steps you can take to help keep the systems running smoothly. Here are some ways to keep your septic system running optimally:

  • Keep grease out of drains. It leads to clogging.
  • Keep trees away from septic system. Roots can cause damage.
  • The toilet should not be filled with septic tank clogging items.
  • Reroute rainwater from the septic drain field.
  • Try to not to max out the septic tank and drain field.
    1. Reduce the amount of water needed to flush a toilet by using a displacer.
    2. Repair leaky toilets and faucets.
    3. Use flow reducer nozzles on showers.
    4. Use aerators on faucets.
    5. Run dishwasher when full.
    6. If laundry load is small, reduce water level.

If you are interested in scheduling a competitively priced maintenance pumping of your septic system from a local, trusted, “Dependable as the Sun” company servicing Brevard County, Sun Plumbing is ready to schedule you today. And don’t forget, Christmas is on its way!

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