Clogged Drains: What You Need To Know


Clogged DrainHaving a clogged drain can be an extremely frustrating and messy plumbing problem. Drains can get clogged very easily for different reasons. From toys to everyday use, our drains can back up at any given moment.

Over time soap scum, hair, grease, etc., can build up and cause backups at sinks, showers, or, if the mainline is clogged, throughout the entire house. Toilets easily back up with too much waste, toilet paper, and/or wet wipes. Foreign objects like jewelry, toys, caps, etc… can also fall into drains causing a stoppage.

To help prevent a backup consider the following tips from your Melbourne, Florida plumber:

  1. Unless you have a properly working garbage disposal, don’t put food down the drain. Even small food particles like rice can cause drain problems.
  2. If you have a properly working garbage disposal, be sure to run cold water the entire time the disposal is on. The running water helps break up the food and flush it away. If not enough water is used, food particles can build up in the drain.
  3. Never poor grease down the drain. Always let it cool, put it in a container and dispose of it properly.
  4. Use sink strainers and clean them on a regular basis.
  5. Bathroom sinks have “stoppers” be sure to check and clean them regularly.
  6. Installing screen covers on your drains can help keep hair and other items out and help to avoid a clog.
  7. Do NOT flush wet wipes, paper towels or feminine products down toilets.
  8. If your toilet paper is thick, consider switching to a thinner brand.
  9. If your home is on a septic system, be sure to have it pumped every few years and inspected for proper function.

Having a backed up drain can easily turn into an emergency if not quickly handled. The above tips should help prevent a lot of the common causes related to clogged drains. Call Sun Plumbing if you have a clogged or backed up drain, and someone will be dispatched as soon as possible.

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