De-Clutter the Gutters

Declutter Gutters
Declutter Gutters

Autumn is here, and although the leaves in Florida do not generally change color, at least the temperatures start to get cooler during this time of the year. You might even be able to sleep with the windows open at night. It’s the perfect time of year before you have to turn the heat on in your home to stay warm. Sometimes the leaves even fall from the trees, which can stir a sense of peace inside. But when the time comes to rake up the leaves that feeling vanishes. Some of the leaves don’t make it onto the ground of your yard and they end up cluttering the gutters.

Water pooling

Debris such as twigs, leaves, seeds, and windblown trash can get stuck in the gutter. When there is too much debris that has built up over time in the gutter system, this can cause problems to your home such as water pooling onto your roofline. Standing water in the gutters can rot the fascia and shingles. With the heavy rains we experience in Florida this can form a trench along the perimeter of your home. With continuous rain, it can quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitos and mildew.


Gutters are meant to help drain the water away from the foundation of homes, but when they are clogged the do not serve this purpose. When gutters are clogged, the water pools over and overflows closely to the home. This puts pressure on the foundation of the home and can cause cracking in the walls of your home. If the gutters are left clogged for prolonged periods of time these cracks in the foundation can grow and cause leaking in your home.

Clean up

Having too many leaves build up over time can end up clogging your gutter and downspout. If this happens you’ll need to remove the downspout and use a plumbing snake to push out the excess leaves. If this doesn’t remove all of the leaves then try turning on your hose and water pressure should do the trick to dislodge the pesky clog. Next, grab a ladder and remove the excess debris from the gutters with a garden tool. Hang a bucket from the ladder to collect the debris.

If you need help with plumbing in Melbourne, Florida then reach out to your local plumber at Sun Plumbing today. We will address the situation without delay.

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