Debunking Plumbing Myths


When a plumbing problem arises people tend to take it upon themselves to try to fix it themselves. At times family members are asked for their opinion or advice, but this isn’t always the best route to take when something goes wrong in your home. If you’re ever unsure about something give your local Brevard County plumber a call to assist you.

Here are some plumbing myths to help you avoid causing damage to your home:

Myth #1: Throwing your food down the drain is safe for your pipes

This statement is false. In fact, it can cause a clog in your pipes. Food waste and excess debris may go down the drain easily, but this waste can collect in your drain to cause the clog. It’s important to look for signs to see if your disposal is acting abnormally to help save yourself from having to pay an expensive repair cost.

Myth #2: Don’t worry about your leaky faucet

Leaky faucets can cause more issues if they are left unattended. Over time the excess water adds to your water bill and can cause over 10,000 gallons of water to go to waste each year. It is estimated that nationwide more than one trillion gallons of water is wasted annually due to leaks. Dripping water also adds wear and tear to your faucet over time.

Myth #3: Put a brick in your toilet tank to save water

Putting a brick in the toilet will cause serious damage to your toilet. This is an old myth that will cause more damage than good. Over time the brick will start to break down and it will create water displacement in the tank of your toilet.

Myth #4: Use a lemon peel the keep your disposal smelling fresh

The smell of fresh citrus adds a nice zest to the air, but throwing a lemon peel down your disposal can actually create a clog. You can always squeeze the lemon juice and put vinegar down the drain to help deodorize your disposal, but please refrain from putting a lemon peel down the drain.

Myth #5: Tightly turn off the faucet to prevent leaks

Turning off the handle or faucet as tightly as possible can cause damage. Logically, it may seem beneficial, but you could end up making the leak worse and cause cracking in the valve or pipe.

All of these myths listed are common plumbing problems that are typically passed down through families. Take corrective measures in your own home to avoid creating bigger issues within your plumbing. Always call Sun Plumbing in Melbourne, Florida if you are ever in doubt.

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