What to Do When Your Garbage Disposal or Dishwasher Are Having Plumbing Issues

Dishwasher Repair

Your garbage disposal and dishwasher get a lot of use!  This can cause wear and tear that leads to plumbing issues.  But, it doesn’t always mean they need replacing.  Sometimes a simple dishwasher repair will get them working properly again.

What Causes Dishwasher Plumbing Issues?

Clogged dishwasher drain

If you are noticing a fair amount of water at the bottom of your whirlpool or bosch dishwasher or it is leaking onto the floor, you may have a clogged drain.

Clogged inlet screen

If your dishwasher is filling slowly, it could be because your inlet screen is clogged. This can restrict the flow of water into the dishwasher requiring some repair. But don’t fret, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot dishwasher repair yourself.

DIY Dishwasher Repair:

For a clogged dishwasher drain repair, try running your garbage disposal to clear the drain.  The plumbing between the two is connected.  Also, check the bottom of the dishwasher for any small cups, lids, etc. that may have escaped the dishwasher racks and are now blocking the drain.

For an inlet screen is a screen in the supply line of your dishwasher.  Unless you are extremely handy, you will want to call a plumber for this repair as it could entail having to pull out your dishwasher to complete this repair.

What Causes Garbage Disposal Plumbing Issues?


Not all food items can go down the garbage disposal. Eggshells, potato and carrot peelings, fruit pits, and bones (i.e. chicken bones) are all food items that should not go down the disposal.

Loose fittings

There are multiple parts to your garbage disposal. If you notice it dripping under your sink, you may have a loose connection/fitting.

Incorrect installation

A garbage disposal that has been incorrectly installed may leak or drain into the dishwasher.

DIY Garbage Disposal Repair:

Often, garbage disposal clogs can be DIY projects.  Make sure your disposal is OFF first, then you can reach in to clear any clogs.  It is best to use tongs as opposed to your hand, if possible.  You can also try a plunger.

Loose fittings are usually an easy fix with a wrench.  However, incorrect installations will most likely need to be corrected by a professional plumber.

Call Sun Plumbing for your Garbage Disposal & Dishwasher Repair

If you have come across a plumbing repair that is out of your area of expertise, then don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber.  If you live in the Melbourne or Viera area, then give us a call at Sun Plumbing!  With over 45 years of experience, there is no garbage disposal or dishwasher repair we can’t handle.  From minor plumbing repairs to major bathroom renovations and new plumbing construction, let Sun Plumbing handle all your plumbing needs!  With service “as dependable as the sun,” we know that you won’t be disappointed!

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