DIY Ways to Clear Your Main Sewage Line

DIY Ways to Clear Your Main Sewage Line
DIY Ways to Clear Your Main Sewage Line

In recent blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about what causes drain blockages, different types of clogs, and how to spot an obstruction of your home’s main drain. To complete this mini-series on clogged drains, we want to give you some tips on how to handle a clog in your main sewage line.

As previously discussed, there are different types of clogs. A superficial clog, like gunk that has built up in your shower’s drain, is usually pretty easy to get rid of with a tool like a wire hanger or a plumbing snake. A clog in the main drain is more difficult to clear because it’s usually located deeper in your plumbing system and requires much more effort than pouring Drain-O down the sink. If you suspect a main drain clog, there are steps you can take to dislodge the blockage before resorting to calling a plumber near you. Different homes have different types of plumbing systems, and some afford easier access to the main drain than others.

Word of Warning

We will caution – when it comes to dealing with more difficult plumbing issues, it’s always wise to hire a professional since there’s a chance you could do more damage to your plumbing. Sun Plumbing is always here to help if you’d rather a professional handle it, or if you cannot get rid of the clog in your main sewer line on your own. If you’d still like to take a DIY approach before calling a plumber, here are some things you can try.

Release Pressure

Try to locate your main sewer line; it will probably be outside your home depending on how your plumbing system is set up. Look for a short pipe about 3-4 inches in diameter covered with a pipe cap. If you’re able to find the sewer line, unscrew the cap. This will help release any built up pressure and, hopefully, will cause backed up water to move along the pipes again.

Check the Main Clean-Out

The main clean-out is a Y-shaped pipe attached to the main drain line. Locate the main clean-out and thoroughly inspect it. You can try tightening the screws, and sometimes this simple step will be enough to get things in working order again. Also, check for corrosion as this is another possible culprit. If these steps do not work, call a plumber. They have tools such as augers, power snakes, and drain bladders that work well to clear blockages via the main clean-out. Don’t attempt this yourself as you could unintentionally damage the plumbing and make the situation worse.

At Sun Plumbing, we know what a hassle drain clogs can be, especially when they occur in your main sewage line. If you’re looking for a plumber in the Melbourne or Palm Bay areas, look no further. Our team of expert plumbing technicians can handle any issue, big or small. Call us today for assistance with anything from a pesky clog to a full bathroom remodel.

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