Does Your New Home Need New Plumbing?

New Home Plumbing

The current housing market in Brevard County, much like our weather, is hot, hot, hot!  If you are purchasing a new-to-you home, you may be wondering if you need to do any plumbing upgrades.  You probably had a home inspection done prior to purchasing our home.  While your plumbing may all be in working order, not everything is easily detected in an inspection or it may just simply be time for an upgrade due to outdated, tired plumbing.

One Indialantic resident shared this plumbing story with us:

Our previous home was a 2-story house.  We had an inspection done prior to purchasing it.  Three weeks after moving in, we noticed water dripping from the ceiling in our garage.  Our upper-story, master bathroom shower was leaking.  It had been leaking for so long that we had to replace not just the shower, it’s plumbing, and our flooring but also the subfloor.  We contacted the realtor and the inspector, but they both said it was our responsibility even though it had obviously been leaking for much longer than the three weeks that we had lived in the house!

As you can see from the above story, a simple inspection may not be enough to guarantee that your plumbing is in tip-top shape.  Here are some tips from us to you!


If you want to avoid a situation like the one shared in the above true story, then we suggest hiring us to do a leak detection prior to your purchase.  It is well worth the money to catch any leaks PRIOR to purchasing a home.  You may choose not to purchase it if the plumbing repairs are extensive or you may be able to request that the seller pays for the repairs.  You could save yourself thousands of dollars!


This is a very important question.  The material that your plumbing pipes are made of has a lifespan.  PVC pipe has the shortest life span, lasting 25 to 45 years.  If your home is in that age range or older and has PVC pipes, you may need to consider having your home re-plumbed.  You can do repairs as they occur, but in the long run that could end up more costly.  It could also be a bigger inconvenience having a plumber come out many times to do “patch repairs” instead of having a Sun Plumbing plumber re-plumb your house in a timely manner!

Most pipes, other than PVC, have a rather long lifespan.  So, unless you have bought an older home with an age of 75 years or older, your pipes may still be in decent condition.  The exception to this is if you have lead pipes!  Lead is now known to be highly toxic.  You do not want to use water with lead in it as it is a serious health hazard.  If your pipes are lead, it is definitely time to call us!


When you are house hunting, run the sink water and look at the toilet water.  If it is discolored, this could be a sign of rust in the water which is coming from pipe corrosion.  Not only do you not want to drink, cook with, or shower in rusty water, but your pipes are probably in their golden years.  If you suspect rust, give us a call to check out your pipes!


We know that plumbing issues are scary.  From clogged toilets to burst pipes, plumbing issues can put a serious kink in your day!  And, if you aren’t sure what the problem is or how serious it is, you may envision your money dancing right out of your bank account.  We are here to calm your fears.

Sun Plumbing has been in business in Melbourne for over 45 years!  We have a stellar reputation.  We strive to live up to our motto of being “as dependable as the sun.”  Our plumbers are highly trained professionals who will take care of your plumbing needs in a timely fashion for a reasonable price.

We aren’t here to deplete your bank account.  Our goal is to have happy customers who feel comfortable using us again and recommending us to others!  Your new home is your castle, so let’s make sure your castle doesn’t spring a leak!  For leak detection, suspected plumbing issues, or a river running through your house, give us a call!  We look forward to serving you!

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