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Washing your pets this summer can be a difficult task for both you and your dog. It can put strain on your back and can burn your pet’s paws on the concrete. Pets can get stressed out when they are getting bathed if they feel uncomfortable. You always have the option to take your pet to a dog groomer, but these costs can add up over time. If you need to clean your dog up after a day at the beach it is much easier to wash your dog at home.

Here are some helpful tips for washing your pet at home:


Avoid washing your dog during the middle of the day because this is the hottest part of the day. Choose to wash your dog in the shade or on a grassy area instead of hot pavement. It may not seem that hot outside to you, but if the temperature is anything around 80 degrees or higher, the asphalt temperature is about fifty degrees hotter. This puts the asphalt temperature at around 125 degrees or more and is unsafe; when the temperatures are this hot, your dog’s paw pads can get burned in as quick as sixty seconds.

If you’re using the garden hose to wash your pet, make sure to let the water run for a few minutes before using it on your pet. The water will be boiling hot if the hose has been lying out in the hot sun.


Using a bathing stall or bathtub for your dog will make the process much easier. Every dog is a different size, and if your dog is large you might want to consider installing something that is easy for your dog to walk in and out of, especially if he is older.

The key is to make it easy on yourself while creating a relaxing environment for your dog at the same time. Have towels and shampoo ready. Add a non-slip mat to help your pet have a solid foundation.


Find a handheld shower fixture to make it easier on yourself and your dog. Covering the drain to catch all of your dog’s hair will help prevent the drain from getting clogged later down the line.

If you’re having trouble making a commitment, you can always give your plumber in Melbourne, Florida a call. At Sun Plumbing we will be more than happy to help you find the easiest ways to keep your pets clean this summer.

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