Eco-Friendly Changes at Home


Making environmentally friendly changes in the home will not only benefit you, but it will also affect others around you and the world at large. You can save money, reduce your waste and the energy used. Making positive changes in your habits around your home will bring a sense of peace and joy into your life.

Here are some examples that you can implement in your own life to make positive changes:


Drying your clothes on a clothes line will save energy in your household. Instead of using your dryer you can take advantage of the sun’s natural energy and dry your clothes outside. If the weather isn’t good you can make a space inside with a drying rack for convenience. When you hang dry your clothes it is easier on the fabric compared to the dryer that uses excessive heat. Your clothes will smell fresh from drying in the sunshine. Washing your clothes in cold water is another way to save energy.


A great way to save money is to start growing your own food in your backyard or on your porch. You can start small with herbs and then go from there if you don’t have any experience gardening. Growing your own food will taste better, saves you money, and you’ll be making a positive environmental impact on the world. Don’t worry about producing too much food because you can always freeze the extra produce or give it your family, friends, or neighbors. Learning how to grow your own food relieves stress and teaches you how to be self-sufficient.


Drinking tap water is better for the environment than drinking from water bottles, and reduces waste on plastic. You can invest in a filter and drink straight from the tap! Switch out your plumbing systems for eco-friendly options to save money and reduce water waste. You can change out your water pipes, toilets, faucets, showerheads and water systems to make them more energy-efficient. Making small changes once a year to invest in your home is always a good idea to keep everything up-to-date and well taken care of.

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