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Coming home to discover a plumbing mishap in your home is a stressful situation. You might have water all over the floor from busted pipes, smell gas, or find your toilet overflowed. An emergency situation can occur any time of the day.

It’s best to always have a tool box at home in case of emergencies. Some of these handy tools to keep at the house are: hammer, wench, screwdriver, pipe slicer, toilet auger, plunger, and wet-dry shop vacuum.

Here are some helpful tips when dealing with a plumbing situation:

Pipe burst

If you come home to find water all over the floor it’s most likely a burst or leaky pipe. The best thing to do in this situation is to turn off the water in the home. You can also drain the water system by turning on the cold water and flushing the toilet. Make sure the hot water system in the house is off and proceed to drain the water from the taps. Do not enter a room that has electrical sockets and water. Turn off your electricity before entering a room that is flooded with water.

Gas leak

If you smell gas and suspect there is a gas leak in your home, get everyone outside and make a call outside of your home. Your home should be avoided at all costs if you suspect there is a gas leak. This is an extremely dangerous situation! Make sure to check your gas meter in your home at night and in the morning to see if the gas increased overnight. Call a professional plumber when it is safe to fix the leak.

Toilet clogged

If the water keeps rising after you flush the toilet, wait until the water levels have subsided and use a plunger to try to unclog whatever is blocking the toilet bowl. If you can’t unclog the toilet on your own then give your local plumber a call.

One of the best local plumbing companies in Brevard is Sun Plumbing. We proudly serve Melbourne, Viera and Palm Bay, Florida. We have the knowledge to fix any urgent problem you may encounter. With our years of experience we can determine any future issues you could face and we will address these problems in a professional manner.

We have been serving Brevard County for over forty years and have established many happy customers. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you with any emergency situation whether it is a residential or commercial plumbing problem.

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