Garbage Disposal Do’s and Dont’s


Garbage disposals make life a little bit easier when you’re doing the dishes. Excess dinner scraps disappear in the blink of an eye and you don’t have to worry about them stinking up your trash can. It’s a wonderful appliance, but needs to be used properly and maintained in order to avoid blocks or clogging inside of the drain.

Here are a few tips to help clean your garbage disposal and keep it working properly:


When washing the dishes pour a small amount of dish soap down the drain while cold water is running. It’s best to do this on a regular basis in order to keep your disposal as clean as possible and prevent any accumulation from building up. It also prevents rust, corrosion and any leftovers from obstructing the drain. Using cold water is beneficial because it solidifies oils and chops it up before reaching the disposal blades. Grease and oils mixed with hot water can jam up your disposal.

Chop up any large pieces of food before using your disposal. Grind up fish bones, in small pieces. Run the disposal for no longer than 20-30 seconds for it to function at its best.


A garbage disposal is designed to grind up food items only. Do not put any trash or non-food items down the sink. Check to make sure any silverware didn’t accidentally fall down the disposal before using it. Avoid using fibrous foods such as celery or kale because they can easily clog the disposal. Do not put any pasta or rice down the drain because once these items are exposed to water they expand. Coffee grounds must be dumped into the trash because if they are put into the disposal they can be hazardous to the garbage disposal. Do not dispose of any solid food items down the disposal such as fruit pits, seeds apple cores and eggshells.

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