Get Your Plumbing Ready for the Holidays: Part 1


The holiday season is here! For most, the holidays are filled with family traditions, homemade meals, and time spent around the fire pit with loved ones. People are packing up and heading to destinations all over the country to be with their families during this time of year, perhaps you’re one of them! Or, perhaps you’re the one who is hosting the family. After all, living on the Space Coast of Florida, we have the beach, beautiful weather year-round, and tons of theme parks. If you have family members from up north, there’s no doubt they want to escape the cold and soak up some sun on the beach. It looks like you’re hosting this year! There are lots of things to do to prepare for company, and with all the additional use your restrooms and kitchen will get when guests come to stay, one thing you shouldn’t neglect is getting your plumbing ready. Read on for tips!

The Garbage Disposal

You probably know what can and cannot go down your garbage disposal, but your family (especially kids) may not! To prevent a garbage disposal mishap, consider taping a list above the sink with things that shouldn’t be put in the disposal. Just in case you’re not sure, here are some no-nos:

  • Chicken bones – any type of bones really should go in the trash. Putting them down the disposal is a recipe for disaster since they are hard to break down.
  • Potato peels – these are also difficult for most disposals to handle. They can create a clogged sink, or worse, cause your disposal system to break! That would put a damper on dinner.
  • Hot grease – since grease hardens when it cools, pouring grease down the drain or in the disposal can mess up your pipes. It can also make your drain really smelly, so pour your grease in a tin can or a bin instead.

The Toilet

To prevent any embarrassing mishaps, check your toilet well before your guests arrive. If you have been putting off getting something fixed in your restroom, now is the time to call a plumber near you! For instance, if you notice the water in your toilet is often running even when it hasn’t been flushed in a while, this could indicate a bad flapper seal. Or, if water leaks from the bottom of the toilet, the seal at the base might need to be repaired. Make sure to get any repairs done as soon as you can to prevent the problem from getting worse. In addition, be sure to keep plenty of toilet paper in easily reachable spots so your guests don’t run out.

We hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter, and fun! We certainly don’t want you to have any plumbing emergencies while your whole family is over, so please be sure to be prepared. If you need a plumber in Melbourne, Viera, or anywhere in Brevard County, give us a call at Sun Plumbing. We would be happy to assist you. Keep an eye out for part two of our blog! We will go over more ways to get your plumbing ready for holiday visitors.

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