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Sun Plumbing offers superior customer service and advice when it comes to your Melbourne Fl plumbing and septic needs. We are here to serve you whatever your plumbing or septic needs may be. Part of our mission is to assist homeowners by delivering sound advice before a major plumbing issue arises. Did you know there are things you can do now that may save you big in the long run?

Not every plumbing issue can be handled by the average homeowner, but there are signs that something may be amiss and we want you to be aware. Keeping an eye on potential issues can save you in the long run and when you need service that is as dependable as the sun you can give us a call. Plumbing encompasses so many variables within your home so there are lots of things you can be on the lookout for. So here goes. What are some things you can do to prevent plumbing disasters?

Check For Leaks

We’ve all seen images of flooded bathroom floors or laundry rooms. The damage is extensive and can cost major money. Do yourself, and your wallet, a favor by checking for damage caused by leaks on a regular basis. Is there mold where it shouldn’t be? Could be a leak. Does your toilet run incessantly? That could be a leak too. Check for watermarks on your ceilings, floors, or walls where you know pipes are located. This could indicate a leak issue somewhere in your home that needs addressing. If you can visually access pipes by all means do so. If they are leaking it is time to call in the experts. Sun Plumbing can check for leaks and fix the problem before a major mess ensues.

Assess Your Pipes

Granted many of the plumbing pipes within your home may not be visible but for those that are make sure that no corrosion is occurring. This can cause big issues for you. If you notice green stains around brass or copper piping this can indicate corrosion. Yellow and orange hues are symptomatic of corrosion of steel pipes.

Check Your Toilet Tank

In a matter of minutes you can remove the lid of your toilet and check for signs of wear and tear. Rust stains or broken parts need to be addressed immediately. Don’t wait until you have an overflow issue or a continuously running tank before you call Sun Plumbing. We will help you determine if you need a simple repair or replacement before something goes terribly wrong.

Keep Your Kitchen Drains Clean

Food waste, packaging, and small objects can cause big damage when it comes to drains. Routinely evaluate your drains and clean them when necessary. This simple step can alleviate a lot of stress and time down the road. When your drains become clogged bigger issues arise. Take a few moments and check for materials that can clog or disrupt your drain.

Keep Shower Hair Traps Clean

Hair…it is everywhere. Installing a hair trap in your shower drain is the first step in preventing clogs but don’t stop there. Hair can build up quickly and clog your drains even with a trap. Make sure you clean the trap after every shower or bath. Something else you should consider when it comes to hair traps is the grime and gunk from soap that can build up after repeated use.

This can lead to mildew and mold, something you definitely don’t want in your shower. By cleaning out the hair and making sure there is no soap residue or build up, you can keep water flowing freely and, hopefully, prevent clogging issues in the future.

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