Hot, Hot, Hot!


Does it seem like someone in your household is always complaining about how cold the water in the shower is or how it runs out halfway through bathing? Do you often find yourself spacing out showers among family members so each person has enough hot water? Even though we live in perpetually warm Florida, there is definitely something to be said for a soothing hot shower or a relaxing warm bath after a long day. At Sun Plumbing we like to provide you with tips to meet your needs. So hopefully, this information will help you to shower hot, hot hot!

Believe it or not, there are many benefits to taking a hot shower. We’re not referring to scalding hot water, as this can be dangerous for your skin. But, a nice, warm shower or bath before bed can help you sleep better by relaxing you. The steam and heat from a hot shower can cleanse your skin by opening pores similar to the effects of a warm towel before a facial leading to healthier looking skin. If you have asthma or sinus issues, the steam from a shower can open up your sinuses, serving as a natural decongestant, and open your lungs alleviating asthma symptoms and lessening coughs. Hot showers or baths are also known for increasing circulation and relieving muscle aches, pain, tension, and soreness. A shower with hot water helps with detoxing too by making you sweat and increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow is also an effective way to battle migraines. Of course, hot baths/showers are a go-to for reducing cramps, lessening muscle stiffness, stimulating healing, and fighting bacteria. No wonder hot water is in such high demand!

Seeing just how advantageous and desirable it is to use hot water, it may be pertinent information to know the recommended heat settings for a home water heater. The Department of Energy recommends having: “…your tank-based water heater set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit…” It seems most manufacturers set the default temperature at 140 degrees, so this is something you may want to check out regarding your home water heater. If your hot water is set too high, it can be wasting energy and can even be dangerous if the water’s too hot, leading to scalding. On the contrary, you do not want your setting to low either. Apparently, Legionnaires’ disease is caused by a bacterium in non-potable and potable water. It is necessary to have your water set at a certain temperature for a specific amount of time to prevent this bacterium from proliferating. Be sure to reference your water heater’s manual for specifics to the system.

While hot showers and bath are certainly a luxury, it is obvious they are extremely beneficial too. To keep your family happily in hot water, be sure to contact Sun Plumbing if you have any questions regarding hot water heater repair or installation. We are your “Best Under the Sun” plumbing experts servicing Melbourne, Viera, and Palm Bay, Florida. If you need a plumber in Brevard County, call us today!

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