How to Fix Clogged Bath Drains


When your shower fills up with water, something is clogging your drain and it’s preventing the water from running freely. The most common issue of a clogged drain is hair build-up over time. When a drain gets backed up severely after not being properly taken care of over time it could cost homeowner’s about $100, depending on how severe the issue is. Having a clogged drain always seems to happen at the most inopportune times, which can lead to a headache when trying to figure out the most efficient solution.

You may be unaware of large clogs that have caused build-up in the main plumbing lines of your home. These clogs could put pressure and strain on the rest of your sewage systems if they are not handled appropriately. These problems can be avoided with the correct procedures and maintenance.

Here are some helpful tips to unclog drains:

Unclogging a drain

The screen prevents most items from clogging the drain, but it still allows hair to get through. It’s impossible to prevent all hair from getting down the drain and that’s why its best maintain proper care of the drain over time to prevent excessive build-up.

To unclog the drain first unscrew the screen in the shower or bathtub. If there is an internal stopper in the drain, simply remove and clean it with a wet cloth and soap. Fish out the hair and gunk from the drain by using a stiff wire. You can try to use a coat hanger and bend a small hook at the end to better assist you in removing the excess hair. Wearing gloves will keep your hands clean during this process. If the hair is really stuck, then have some needle nose pliers handy to help assist you in extracting the gunk.


If there is standing water in your bathtub or shower try using a plunger. If there isn’t already standing water then try adding enough water to cover the plunger and pump five times. This will lift any pressure and blockages.

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