How to Prevent and Repair Clogged Drains and Pipes


Have you ever tried to take a relaxing shower and found yourself standing in 6 inches of water?  There are ways to prevent clogged drains and pipes, as well as ways to fix them.  This article will discuss 3 ways to prevent clogs and 2 ways to repair them.  Everyone has experienced clogs at some time, so this article is for everyone!

There are ways to prevent clogged drains and pipes, but sometimes a clog is unavoidable.  Three ways to prevent clogged drains and pipes are being careful about what you put down your sink, choosing your toilet paper wisely, and regularly cleaning your drains.  Repairing clogged drains may be as easy as cleaning the offending drain.  Repairing clogged pipes often requires a plumber. 

Clogs are not a cause for panic.  They are easily prevented and often easily repaired.  As plumbing professionals serving Melbourne, FL, for over 45 years, Sun Plumbing knows a thing or two about clogs.  Please read on for our advice on preventing and repairing clogged drains and pipes.

3 Ways To Prevent Clogged Drains and Pipes

       1. Be careful about what you put down the sink.

Even if you have a disposal, it is important to be careful about what you put down your sink.  Never pour grease down your sink. Once it cools, it is a thick substance that easily clogs your pipes.  Instead, pour it into a container, like an empty can, to dispose of it.  Do not put any peelings down the drain either.  Potato peels, carrot peels, etc. are all no-nos!  Additionally, food that expands when wet, like rice or pasta, is another surefire way to clog your disposal or pipes.

       2. Choose your toilet paper wisely.

We know that the thickest, softest toilet paper feels the best on your tushie.  Did you know that there is 3-ply toilet paper now?  Don’t get too excited.  While it might feel better to use, it also might clog your toilet pipes.  As plumbers, we must say that 1-ply toilet paper is probably the least likely to cause clogs.  However, any toilet paper used in excess can be problematic. We understand that some people have medical issues, and softer toilet paper is better for you. If so, we recommend multiple flushes with small amounts of toilet paper as opposed to one flush with a lot of toilet paper.

     3. Regularly clean your drains.

This piece of advice is especially true for the bathroom sink and tub/shower. Unless your whole family is bald, then you have hair in your drains.  Brushing or drying your hair often leads to hair in your sink.  You may wash it down the sink without a second thought.  What you don’t realize is that combined with toothpaste, soap, and hair products, that hair easily gets stuck and becomes a clog.

These same types of clogs may occur in the tub or shower.   While you may not brush your hair in there,  we all naturally lose hair daily, especially when shampooing and conditioning.  It is normal for a person to lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day.  Again, combined with soap, shaving cream, and hair products, the hair that escapes down the tub or shower drain can easily cause a clog. Most stand-alone showers have a grate over the drain which helps catch the majority of hairs.  However, hair easily gets down most bathtub drains.  The best way to prevent these clogs is to regularly clean the drains.

2 Ways to Repair Clogged Drains and Pipes

       1. Clean your drains.

We realize that this same advice was given as a way to prevent clogged drains and pipes, but if you have not regularly cleaned them, then cleaning them is one of the ways to fix them.  We recommend using a hair clog remover hand “tool” that can be purchased at a local hardware store or Walmart.  It is a gross job, but It often does the trick.  If your kids’ hair is the cause, you may want to pay the $5 to do it themselves!  A word of caution,  we recommend not using harsh chemicals to clear drains (sorry, Drano!) as they may cause more harm than good.

     2. Call Sun Plumbing.

This is not a shameless plug.  In all truth, some clogs need the expertise of a plumber.  Even if you own an auger (aka “a snake”), it may not be long enough or powerful enough to get the job done. If the clog is in your main drain, then you definitely need a professional plumber for your repair.


In conclusion,  many clogs are preventable if you follow our simple guidelines listed above.  If a clog occurs, you may be able to clear it yourself.  If not, then call a reputable plumber in your area.  If you live in the Melbourne, FL, area, then Sun Plumbing is the place to call.  With decades of experience, we are ready to handle all your plumbing needs! 

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