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Sun Plumbing building front side
Sun Plumbing building front side

Locally owned and operated Sun Plumbing has been providing residential and commercial septic and plumbing services in Brevard county since 1974. The east coast of Florida sure has seen its share of tropical storms and hurricanes over those 42 years! Although the past few years have been relatively quiet, it is important to keep in mind that hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th, so there are still a couple months of threatening weather ahead of us. As a community based company, we want to help you to be prepared before, during and after inclement weather. Our warranted servicing and quality “dependable as the sun” workmanship will help you to weather any storm.

Afternoon thunderstorms, squalls blowing in off the ocean, and the occasional waterspout or tornado are intimidating natural threats we face in Florida. Throw in the heavy rains, extreme winds, fast rainfall rate and possible storm surges, and you could be looking at a tropical storm or hurricane. So how do you prepare your home plumbing and septic system for such onslaughts of nasty weather? Luckily if you are in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, or surrounding cities in Brevard county, our well trained technicians can service your plumbing needs in a preventative manner or repair and restore after a storm if needed.

Here are some preparedness tips regarding plumbing and/or the inability to use plumbing during a tropical storm or hurricane:


  • Stock up on bottled water and have enough non-perishable food and water to last everyone in the home for at least a week.
  • Buy plenty of antibacterial wipes, gel hand cleaners and paper towels in case you are without water for washing and bathing.
  • Fill all bath tubs or large containers with clean water to be used for flushing toilets and sponge baths.
  • Purchase a portable commode in case water and plumbing is out of order.
  • Secure downspouts and rain gutters.
  • Clear away any debris around your home to prevent damage to your home or property.


  • Turn your water off if you evacuate.
  • Refrain from using plumbing during a bad storm.


Check for sewer or plumbing leaks. If a leak is present, avoid using toilets and drinking tap water until an all clear is given.

  • After advisories permit drinking tap water, run the water until it is clear or approximately 3 minutes.
  • Contact Sun Plumbing if you think there is any damage to sewer or plumbing lines!

As far as ACTIVELY preparing for hurricane season, remember Sun Plumbing provides the following services to consider ahead of time.

  1. Toilet repairs
  2. Drain repairs
  3. Drain cleaning
  4. Leak detection
  5. Pipe repair
  6. Slab leak repairs
  7. Drain field cleaning
  8. Septic tank pumping / cleaning

Having a smoothly running, unclogged, non-leaking plumbing and septic system before a serious storm hits could prevent costly water damage during hurricane season! Contact Sun Plumbing for preventative servicing and for any plumbing or septic tank repairs. Be safe and prepared this hurricane season.

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