Keep Plumbing Problems at Bay While You’re Away


Nothing can put a damper on your vacation like a plumbing catastrophe can. A call from a concerned neighbor about something amiss at your home will really spoil your time lounging poolside at a resort. What can you do preemptively to prevent an issue before you load up the family for a drive across the country to visit a natural wonder or before packing your luggage and rushing off to the airport to catch a plane to visit family in the mountains? What pre-travel plumbing assessments and concerns should be on a checklist? Preparing before you travel during this holiday season is wise! Before you get all caught up in the hustle and bustle of planning, packing, and getting out the door, take some time to prepare your plumbing beforehand. This legwork can save you money in the long run and ensures you will not return from holiday to severe water damage or some other costly disaster.

Shut Off Your Water

One important way to make sure your home is taken care of while you are away plumbing prep-wise is to shut off your main water supply before leaving on an extended vacation. Otherwise, plan to have someone check in on your property occasionally. Be sure to leave this person Sun Plumbing’s contact information in case of a plumbing emergency. In a properly maintained home, it is not likely you will have an issue, but better safe than sorry! The water supply shut off valve is usually located by the water meter and can usually be shut off using a wrench or by hand. Knowing where your shut off valve is located is important during a crisis situation, too. It can save you valuable time and money when faced with a plumbing issue or flooding. This pre-vacation action provides an added measure of security and will also save you money. If you have any leaky faucets, a huge water bill will not be racked up while you are away if the main water is shut off. Also, be sure to shut off individual water valves to the following:

  • OUTSIDE: Water to sprinklers, faucets, and hoses. Set sprinkler to run on a timer
  • INSIDE: Water heater, water to dishwasher, water to washing machine, water to icemaker

Eliminate Leaks

Another preventative step is to eliminate leaks. Check your pipes for leaks. Look for water staining, cracks, or corrosion around the bathroom or kitchen sinks, beneath appliances, toilet bowls, showerheads, and water heater. Clean out your gutters. Removing sticks, leaves, and debris from gutters and downspout extensions could avoid a flooded foundation during downpours. Do a quick landscaping check. Make sure shrubs, trees, and roots are not threatening your septic tank and/or pipes.

Hopefully, all of these prep ideas will enable to enjoy that much-needed getaway. A little foresight will go a long way in guaranteeing you will return home to a disaster-free home! So remember to do a little bit of preliminary plumbing preparation before jetting off on vacation. Sun Plumbing wishes you a fun-filled holiday season devoid of plumbing issues! Remember, if you need a plumber in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, or Viera areas, give us a call!

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