What Causes Kitchen Sink Clog? GREASE!

kitchen sink clog

Kitchen sink clog is usually caused by dumping grease down the sink, creating grease clog. We at Sun Plumbing, thought it would be a good topic to address for our customers.

Why Is Grease Bad For My Kitchen Sink Plumbing?

We know that by the time the end of the day rolls around, you just want to be done with the dinner dishes, sit down, and flip on your favorite Netflix or Hulu show.  In your rush to be done with the dishes, you may think that pouring the grease from one of the cooking pans down the sink won’t be harmful.  You don’t want to wait for the grease to harden, leaving the unwashed pan sitting on the counter or in the sink.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what you need to do.  Leave the pan there.  Go watch a show.  The next time you get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink, simply grab a paper towel, scoop the hardened grease from the pan and dump it in your trash can. Do not put the grease in your compost pile if you have one.  According to www.thekitchn.com, putting grease in your compost pile can attract animals and create unpleasant smells. Yes, you still need to wash that pan, but it won’t take long, and it is much better than having to call the plumber!

While grease is in its liquid form, it seems like it is just sliding down your pipes with no problem.  Wrong!  Grease hardens as it cools.  Once this happens, not only can the grease clog the pipe, but other things, such as food items being washed down the sink can get stuck in the grease, causing an even bigger clog.

What to Do if You Already Poured Grease Down the Sink

If you pour grease down the sink last night, don’t panic.  First, boil some water in a pot on the stove.  Then, pour the boiling water down the kitchen sink while also running hot water from the tap.  Squirt some dish soap down the sink at the same time.  Dawn is a great grease-cutting dish soap.  You may need someone to help you since you only have two hands!  This process may prevent a clog.  If not, then it is time to call the plumber.


If grease is winning the battle and your plumbing is clogged, then it is time to call Sun Plumbing, the superior plumbing services in Melbourne and beyond.  With over 45 years serving Brevard County plumbing needs, you can rest assured that you are in very capable hands.  Grease yet to beat us! If you are experiencing a kitchen sink clog or any other plumbing issues, then please give us a call.  We look forward to serving you!

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