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Sun Plumbing Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a valuable tool before choosing a tradesperson, doctor, school, or any other service that you may need. Reviews can tell the story. Often you will see reviews spanning the spectrum from one star to five stars. When looking at reviews, consider this.

The more customer reviews a company has, the better. While a business may have 5 stars, if it only has three reviews, that isn’t the most reliable rating. If you find an organization with 100 ratings and 4.5 stars, that may be a more reliable choice. Remember that your review can affect the amount of business a company receives. So, while you may be less than thrilled with someone’s service, don’t write a review until you have tried to rectify things with the company. If that still doesn’t reap the results you were hoping for, then it is acceptable to write a review reflecting the situation. Just make sure you are in a calm frame of mind when you write an honest review, not based on in-the-moment emotions.

Reviews Matter Because Our Customers Matter

At Sun Plumbing, our reviews matter to us because our customers matter to us. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are excited to announce that we have reached 100 reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.5 stars and over 125 reviews on Angie’s List with an incredible 4.8 rating. We consider this an impressive achievement! And, we have our fabulous customers to thank for it!

We wanted to share a couple of these reviews to give you a glimpse of what our customers are saying about Sun Plumbing:

  • “Gave us an estimate for replumbing our entire house on Tuesday and did the job on Thursday! All done in 6 hours! On-time, fast, courteous, great price. Couldn’t ask for more!”
  • “3 A.M. call with the whole house backed up. The plumber was kind, clean, and got the job done quickly in the pitch dark. Thank you, Sun Plumbing, for fixing our issues!!!”
  • “Awesome experience. Thanksgiving day with a house full of people. Yep, that happened. The turkey wasn’t even in the oven, and Steve D was there to save the day within 2 hours of my frantic call on a holiday. Fast service and very reliable as I have called these guys for my other properties. Thanks, Steve, for working on the holiday and making it happen so fast.”

The Right Company for You

We believe our customer reviews tell the story! From a new sink or a leaking water heater to a broken valve or major slab leak, Sun Plumbing is the right company for you! If you are experiencing any plumbing issues, please give us a call today, day or night! We will be there!

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